I enjoyed the hot tub and the heated swimming pool

My wife and I decided to spend a couple of days in the city of Denver.

We rarely go to Denver because of the traffic. It can be a nightmare on the weekend when the place is filled with tourists. My wife wanted to go see a show at a theater in Denver, so we decided to go to the city for the entire weekend. We stayed in a hotel with a hot tub and a heated swimming pool. The hot tub was enormous, but very few people used the luxurious amenity. It’s night my wife and I had the hot tub and heated swimming pool all to ourselves. We spent the days in Denver enjoying activities like the Museum of Science and nature, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Kirkland Museum. Museums are always one of our favorite places to go because my wife and I are both into art and history. At night, we relaxed in the hot tub and let the bubbles soak away our aches and pains from walking all day. There were at least a dozen restaurants close to our hotel and all of them offered delivery or pickup. We didn’t really have to go very many places once we were in the city. We left our car parked inside of the hotel parking garage and we walked everywhere. Even though it was fall, the temperatures outside were mild. We didn’t need heat or any AC. Our trip and 3 day visit to Denver was really fun and interesting. We learned a lot and relaxed as well.
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I was stuck on the side of the road for six hours

I work for a company that delivers beverages all over the state of Colorado.

My hub is in Denver, but I take deliveries from Denver all over the state.

I have a special commercial driver’s license that allows me to drive large semi trucks. I often carry large and heavy loads of cargo. The beverages are stacked from the floor to the ceiling. I was on my way to a city on the west of Denver and I had to travel over the mountain on the interstate. I was carrying a very heavy load of beer and soda. Halfway up the mountain, the truck transmission started to heat up and I had to pull over. When I tried to restart the truck, I didn’t have any power at all. I had to contact the Denver company where I work and they sent a repair crew to help with the problem. Unfortunately, there was no one available at the time. I was stuck on the side of the Denver road for 6 hours. I had to sit in the truck with no heat and no blankets. A couple of people pulled over to see if they could lend assistance, but there was really nothing they could do. The truck had to be towed up the rest of the hill. After the shop mechanic looked at the vehicle, he realized that the engine had a ton of problems. The truck is now in the shop until further notice and I am driving a brand new truck. It has a nice heater with warm seats too. I won’t get stuck anywhere with this vehicle.


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The library really needs a new furnace

One of the best places in Orland Park is the library.

The library often has performers outside playing the guitar, cello, or piano.

The place has plenty of areas to sit with my children and read. When the temperatures were very cold last week, Orland Park and the Chicago metropolitan area received almost 20 inches of snow. The kids were out of school for 2 days. During that time, the library was open. I took the kids to the library so they could pick out some books and read. The kids wanted to stay at the library for a while. I didn’t mind sitting there for a little bit, but I didn’t want to spend the whole afternoon at the library. The place really needs a brand new furnace. The temperature outside was in the twenties that day and it felt like it was only 50 degrees inside of the library. My kids and I moved to several different areas around the library, hoping to find a space that was warm and comfortable. We were unable to find any place on the first or second floor that was warm and cozy. When we were sitting under one of the heating vents, I couldn’t feel any warm air coming out of the ductwork. I could hear the furnace running, but the air did not feel very warm. My husband is On The Board of Trustees for the library and his family donated a large chunk of money for the new children’s wing. It might be time to do something about the heating problem as well.

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I got stuck in the middle of Albuquerque

I worked six shifts at the marijuana dispensary last week, and I was supposed to have Monday and Tuesday off. I woke up to the phone ringing on Monday morning and it was my boss. She begged me to come to work. I did not want to go to work, but she begged and begged and offered to buy me lunch. I finally acquiesced and got out of bed. I found a clean uniform shirt and a vape pen battery that was fully charged. I headed out the door. I was halfway to Albuquerque when traffic came to a standstill. I was near the top of the hill on the interstate and I could see down into the valley. It looked like traffic was backed up for miles. I called my boss and I told her there was no way that I was going to make it there in 10 minutes. I told her there was a line of traffic five or six miles long. I was stuck in Albuquerque for 15 or 20 minutes, sitting in standstill traffic. It was extremely hot and humid. I didn’t want to run the air conditioner constantly, because I didn’t want to overheat the engine. When I made it to work, my boss told me that she wanted me to deliver marijuana dispensary orders. I told her that I was happy to work in the Albuquerque store location, but I did not want to deliver orders. Unless she was going to let me use her car, I was not going to deliver any marijuana orders that day.

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Eugene is an awesome town

At the same time, the two of us also live in Eugene because it lets us step away from the scheduled world in addition to live in peace in addition to quiet, this makes for a unique blend of individualists, who want a better world in addition to still want to be left alone by the world.

I am not a political guy by nature… I used to get so aggravated by the news, in addition to what all these uncommon politicians were doing, but then I had an epiphany. I was outside of town, enjoying a long hike through the woods, in addition to I dropped my phone. It went into a creek, in addition to was gone for good, and after 3 mornings without a phone, in addition to being removeed from the news in addition to social media, I realized I was happier. I live in Eugene, OR, in addition to if you suppose anything about this location you suppose it is politically charged. At least every few years Eugene will have a major protest or a political event that has everyone fired up. I realized that as much as I like Eugene, I like it for the natural beauty, the nice people, in addition to the incredibly kind cannabis the two of us grow here; Both of us get so much political action around here because so many of us have strong beliefs. At the same time, the two of us also live in Eugene because it lets us step away from the scheduled world in addition to live in peace in addition to quiet, this makes for a unique blend of individualists, who want a better world in addition to still want to be left alone by the world. If anything else sums up Eugene, OR, better than that, I’d love to hear it. The only thing kinder than the people here is the cannabis, because the dispensaries are numerous, in addition to much of the bud is cultivated in addition to grown right here in the good state of OR. I like it here.

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I love my location more

Seattle is not for the faint hearted, and that’s a good thing! Above all else, Jet City has character, it has flair, and that means it’s perfect for some men and women, but not for others. When I moved here with my long-time boyfriend, he started getting upset. It turns out that the sunny skies and high temps of the south were more his style. That is what he needed for his happiness, and the bleak clouds and frequent rainfall of the Pacific Northwest made him feel sad. It was a rough breakup, but at that point I already knew that I would let him go before I let Seattle go. I might have been born and raised in the deep south, but it turns out I was always a Seattle boy at heart. The sunset isn’t clear in Seattle every night, but the ones both of us do get are always fantastic. One of my number one things is to stop by a single of the superb local cannabis dispensaries and get a pre-rolled joint to smoke on the shore of the Puget Sound. A headful of locally grown Seattle cannabis and the sight of the sunlight sinking into the Pacific ocean is enough to make me feel poetry in my heart. Little things like that are why I love Seattle so much, because it’s more than a place, it’s a mindset. Call me loony if you must, I’ve dumped boyfriends for Seattle before, so not much can faze me at this point. That’s another pro that I get from smoking this amazing locally grown weed, better known as the Seattle sativa.

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I can be into art

It’s nice to live somewhere that likes art, you have to know that this is all new to me, and the urban feeling of Seattle is the home I always wanted.

It still takes some getting used to. I grew up in a small eastern town, where the most fancy thing about education was high school tennis. Anyone who wasn’t an athlete didn’t go to school, or do anything other than work on a ranch. I wanted to blog, draw, paint, and sculpt, so you can only imagine how refreshing it was to transfer to a place like Seattle, WA. For decades Seattle has been a haven for artists of all stripes, and I felt welcomed as soon as I moved here. That said, there is a lot of competition in all the artistic pursuits, so it’s difficult to make a living with your art in Seattle at first. I had to build up my skill set, and my reputation in the Seattle art scene, so to make ends meet in the meantime I started finally working in a cannabis store. The only scene more colorful around here than the art scene is the cannabis industry, which is booming. There are even several Seattle dispensaries that will showcase local artists on their storefronts! Alas, the dispensary where I work doesn’t do that, but maybe if I’m persistent enough they will begin to. I love my task, but if I want to make it in the Seattle art community I need to start getting my task out there where people can see it.

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Moving up in the world

Eighteen months later I got my certification in Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair, and started finally working for a local Seattle business

I moved to this village because I heard it was a wonderful site to make money. The small towns in Washington are certainly wonderful if you want to get lost and step away from society for a bit. There are tons of acres of trees and forests where you can find tiny towns and clusters of houses. As tranquil and great as this may be, for a younger man who is motivated and wants to make money, it is not that great. As soon as I had graduated middle school and saved up a few hundred bucks, I drove 100 miles to start over in Seattle, WA. My first task was at a cannabis dispensary, which at that point had been my dream task for years. As an avid cannabis smoker, I thought that finally working at a dispensary would be the right fit. The fact that the dispensary was in Seattle made it all the sweeter, and for a couple of years I was enjoying my work. The problem came not because the task changed, but I noticed I didn’t want to be middle aged and still working as a Seattle budtender. I still kept my task at the dispensary, but also started taking night classes at the Seattle tech trade school. I wanted to stay in Seattle, because it felt like home, but finally working at the dispensary would only take myself and others so far in life. Eighteen months later I got my certification in Heating, Ventilation, and A/C repair, and started finally working for a local Seattle business. Sometimes I miss finally working at the dispensary.
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The weather is awesome here

It is legitimately usual for people to transfer south as they get to be retired.

The southern end of the country is warmer, with higher humidity, and virtually no change of ice and snow. I was certainly born and raised in the south, and as I got older I noticed I wanted to transfer north. I hate the high heat and humidity in the south, I certainly dislike it, so a lot of clouds and rain sounded right up my alley. After a few short stays in several small towns across the Pacific Northwest, I finally landed in Seattle, Washington, and after that I had found my true home. The weather in Seattle is not for everyone, but for me it is certainly ideal. Last year there was some amount of rainfall on 145 different afternoons, which is less than half but not a lot less. So yeah, it does rain a lot in Seattle, but that is a part of what gives the village it’s particular character. I also guess that the heavy rainfall is part of what makes Seattle homegrown cannabis the best in the world. Maybe I am blind to it because of my adoration for Seattle, but the weed they grow around here is on another level. I have never been to Amsterdam, but I would be surprised if they have as high of a grade of cannabis as both of us do here in Seattle. Maybe smoking all that killer dope is what allows myself and others to appreciate the Seattle weather so much? Since I’ll never move, I don’t know if I will ever find out.

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