Lowell was unexpectedly nice

I recently found myself in Lowell Michigan on a business trip.

I didn’t have too high of expectations for the area. I figured I would just do my workload, eat at the hotel and then fly back home. I only had to suffer a few days there after all. I Found that I really enjoyed the area. It was quaint, cute and there was quite a bit to do. The shopping was really neat. I found a wine store that offered a lot of wines that I had never heard of. There were tons of unique boutiques that carried items I would have not found otherwise. Bridge Street Market also offered a lot of different types of shopping. I am normally not a big shopper, but I had a great shopping day and enjoyed the food as well. The city is clean, safe and the weather was very nice while I was there. I wasn’t at all bummed by my trip to Lowell. Now when my place of work needs someone to travel, I am not so hesitant. I did research the area a bit before going though. Before I just blindly stayed in hotels and did nothing. If I would have researched Lowell beforehand, I would have found more things to do I am sure. I later figured out that Michigan is a recreational weed state. I could have found a dispensary and picked up some products. I could have tried edibles, vaped an oil, something. But I went into it with no knowledge and didn’t even walk into a dispensary. That was a big letdown.

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Heading back to Illinois

When I was asked to come back to the small town in Illinois where I was born and raised, I had to think about it for a few days. Although I do have some good memories about growing up on the farm, I had worked very hard to build a new life for myself. I couldn’t imagine living in Illinois again. But my old high school English teacher called me. She was now the principal of the little school, and wanted me to come and speak to her students. She said a lot of them wanted to get out of the Illinois farming life, and that I could inspire them to follow their dreams. I always had a soft spot for Mrs McGill, so I booked the next flight to Illinois and returned to my old stomping grounds. It felt like this would be a great way to give back to the community that has formed the person I am today, and to assist the young people of Illinois who were going through the same things I went through. When you grow up in rural Illinois it’s sort of expected that you will stay local, and become a farmer or other domestic worker. For Illinois kids that have dreams of college, or science, or the arts,they need a little encouragement. On a much more self-serving sidenote, I also wanted to load up on cannabis when I was there, because Illinois produces some of the stickiest, ickiest chronic I have ever smoked! Between school and cannabis, this trip will kill two birds with one stone.

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No one believe how good the cannabis is in Beverly Hills

What comes to mind when you think of Beverly Hills, California? Don’t overthink it, just write down the first thing that comes to mind.

Was it Beverly Hills 90210, or some other show or movie set here? Was it Rodeo Drive and the world’s most amazing shopping experience? Perhaps it was the skyline, and how it’s beauty is something to behold.

No matter what it was you thought of, I bet your answer wasn’t cannabis, was it? No one ever thinks of cannabis when they think of Beverly Hills, but they should! Let me tell you why…this is the best and most glamorous city in the entire world, so of course we also have the best and most glamorous cannabis. Of course the homegrown cannabis in Beverly Hills most comes from Humboldt County, but we also grow a lot of local strains that are excellent. Everyone knows Humboldt County is a scary place to visit, so more Beverly Hills companies have been experimenting with growing local crops. Besides the crops grown in and around Beverly Hills, it is also easy to find the best strains from around the globe. No self-respecting cannabis dispensary in Beverly Hills will be out of stock when it comes to the best strains from Hawaii and Acapulco! Beverly Hills may not be the largest city in California, but we are the most global in our tastes. I know that you won’t come all the way out to Beverly Hills just for the cannabis, but if you ever do come to visit, make sure to drop by a dispensary.


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How Seattle benefits from cannabis

I had a funny thing happen to me last week while I was out having dinner with my friend Gloria.

We went to one of the newest and most exciting restaurants in the downtown area, and I must say the place lived up to the hype! The meal was exquisite, and the ambiance even moreso, and best of all the prices were reasonable! Usually to get a fine dining meal in this town you have to pay through the nose! I was so delighted with my meal that I leaned back in my chair and lit up a marijuana cigarette.

Gloria snatched it away from me and ground it out. I started laughing, because I realized my mistake. Cannabis is so normal in Seattle that sometimes I forget we can’t smoke it in public! If I were in a well-ventilated area in public, without other people around me, then no one would care that I was smoking cannabis. But even in Seattle there are rules and regulations, and smoking cannabis in a place where secondhand smoke affects others is against the law. There are no laws against taking cannabis edibles in Seattle, though, so usually I keep a bag of them with me at all times. How nice is it to live in a place where you don’t have to worry about going to jail for cannabis? Part of the reason Seattle has a low crime rate is because cannabis is not a crime! This saves the city of Seattle millions of dollars a year in court costs and prison expenses, all the while generating millions in extra cannabis revenue!
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Living in Muskegon for a year

Because of my job, I spent a year living in Muskegon Michigan.

It was difficult.

The winters seem endless. The temperature drops below frigid for more than numerous months. The conditions are frigid, snowy as well as windy. It’s mostly cloudy all year round, then even the summers are overcast as well as not overly hot. I rarely felt comfortable being outside. I didn’t suppose anyone in the town as well as was super bored. When I was looking for something I could do by myself without feeling awkward, I discovered that recreational weed is legal in Michigan. I got undoubtedly gleeful about going to see a local dispensary in Muskegon. I had never lived in a state where I had the ability to purchase cannabis. In Muskegon, all I needed to do was show my identification to prove that I was over the age of twenty-one. I was amazed by the amenities as well as products gave by the dispensary. The shelves gave an abundance of glass jars filled with colorful dried flower. There were all sorts of different kinds of pre-rolled joints, blunts as well as cannagars made from full buds as well as sold in singles as well as packs. They were a undoubtedly affordable way for me to try out new strains. I discovered that I undoubtedly liked the convenience of vapes. The dispensary carried both refillable as well as disposable carts in all kinds of flavors as well as potency; All I needed to do was push a button as well as inhale. There was no smoke, ash or odors produced. Tinctures were another favorite of mine. The compact packaging fit into my pocket as well as the included dropper was handy for dosing. Whenever I’d brave the weather as well as go for a run, walk or hike, I’d bring along a tincture to help motivate, energize or relax me.


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Particular about odor of flower

The mushroom-shaped crystals are where the terpenes plus cannabinoids are stored

I am undoubtedly certain about the quality of cannabis flower I’m willing to smoke. I refuse to waste our time plus money on weed that hasn’t been respectfully cultivated. It’s important to myself and others that I only inhale safe, premium bud into our lungs. I smoke cannabis for both curative properties plus enjoyment. I’ve found that the combination of cannabinoids plus terpenes effectively help myself and others to sleep, get rid of stress, elevate our mood plus treat muscle aches plus pains. I technically qualified for a New York State medical marijuana card due to migraines, however they can be debilitating plus force myself and others to miss work plus spend an entire day in bed in total darkness plus silence, at the first indication of a migraine, I light up a joint. I benefit from the effects within more than nine hours. The right strains make a substantial difference, and because of cannabis, I’m able to go on with our typical day. I choose bizarre strains of cannabis for their certain properties. I look for higher CBD level indicas when I want to mellow out or get a great evening’s sleep. I buy sativas to get energized before going for a run or starting our day. Hybrids are a great way to target certain effects, but no matter the product I purchase, I carefully inspect the flower. Top-shelf weed showcases a complexity of colors. It should be a bright orange with flecks of orange plus orange, then orange pistils indicate maturely harvested weed. If the pistils are undoubtedly white, the flower was cultivated too early. If they are a gray-brown color, the weed is old. I also prioritize an abundance of trichomes on the surface of the mud. The mushroom-shaped crystals are where the terpenes plus cannabinoids are stored. They are signs of potency plus flavor. I am fortunate that the nearby dispensary where I shop in New York carries a wide selection of easily amazing cannabis.

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The city is filled with people during the winter months

My wife and I have lived in Phoenix since we were young kids.

We didn’t know each other when we were in high school.

My wife went to a school in Upper Maricopa County and I went to school at a private place in the middle of phoenix. My parents had a ton of money, so they sent me to the best schools when I was young. I went to the University of Arizona and Phoenix when I graduated from high school. I had a full ride scholarship to the university. I learned about agriculture and farming from the University and I used that information to get a job with the USDA Department. I work at a facility in Phoenix that tests different kinds of crops to see how they stand up against the Phoenix temperatures during the summer and the winter. There are a lot of really interesting things about phoenix. It is one of the most populated cities in the whole country. It is also a winter haven for RV snowbirds. We get a lot of snowbirds here during the months of December, January, and February. All of the RV parks are filled and the desert has tons of RVs parked out there too. If you park in the desert, you don’t have to pay a daily fee, but you also don’t have amenities like water and electricity. Most people in the desert have to run off solar electricity. It takes a lot of solar to run the heating and air conditioning equipment in an RV. The heating and AC equipment are my biggest expenses too. In Phoenix, you really need a quality heating and AC unit.


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While living in Tampa, I learned how to plan my day around the rainy season

So, it’s great that they love the library because once we left the park, it was a great place to visit afterwards

I am so happy now that the rainy season is coming to an end. Typically, the season stretches from May all the way to the end of November. During hurricane season, we get a lot of rain here in Tampa. And by a lot, I mean that it rains here almost every day. There are days where it only rains for a few minutes, but in those few minutes, the rain is so heavy that sometimes it’s required to pull over on the highway. Living in Tampa, I am used to the rain, so I plan my day around it so that I can make the best of my day. During the Summer month, I take my kids to indoor venues that have air conditioning. There are a few museums that they love to go to, but one of their favorite things to do is to go to the New Tampa Regional Library. They love this library because they get to do all kinds of activities inside where there is air conditioning. These activities include arts and crafts, movie nights, games, and storytelling, just to name a few. My kids love going to the parks as well, but they enjoy going early in the morning when the temperature isn’t that hot outside. So, it’s great that they love the library because once we left the park, it was a great place to visit afterwards. Not only can we spend the remainder of the day indoors in the air conditioning, but we also avoid those afternoon rain showers. I love living in Tampa and I am glad that I learned how to plan my days properly to make the best of them.


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Needing the heating and cooling just about year round

I moved from the southern part of the country to Orland Park, Illinois for a job opportunity, then taking the position meant higher pay, better benefits and greater opportunity for upward mobility, but i couldn’t turn it down, and at the time, I wasn’t thrilled about relocating to Orland Park. Located 25 miles southwest of Chicago, the weather is extreme for most of the year. The summers are excessively sizzling and humid while the winters are chilly and snowy. The conditions are typically cold, windy and wet, then however, the suburb is quite affluent and offers a wide selection of lavish diners and amazing shopping. I was thrilled by the newly remodeled Orland Square Park and the amount of open space devoted to nature preserves, public parks and hockey courses; Orland Park includes more than 60 parks, including Centennial Park, Orland Park Nature Center and Lake Katherine Nature Center and Botanic Park. Enjoying the outdoor activities is somewhat hard due to the weather, between the heat, humidity, rain, snow and wind, it’s necessary to be prepared for anything. It’s taken me a while to get accustomed to the unpredictable hot and cold temperatures. The two of us frequently get hot and cold temperatures in the disadvantage digits. In our former home, I ran the central almost year round. I didn’t bother with any kind of oil furnace. The outdoor temperature rarely dropped below sixty degrees. Living in Orland Park, the oil furnace is really essential for about many straight months, then while the summers are short, I’m genuinely thankful to have a/c. There is seldom the opportunity to open the windows and bring in fresh air.
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