A good family trip to Albuquerque

My kids & I go on a trip every year; We typically pick a major area to shop, eat & just lounge around in.

Some years the kids and I do more of a beach trip & other years it is more of a neighborhood exploring trip.

This year the kids and I are planning to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Why did the kids and I land on this place? Honestly it is fun traveling to a new state every year, and I want to eventually travel to all the 50 states! Albuquerque looked genuinely fun too & different. There aren’t high end shops or beaches there, however lots of other things. I found a hotel that is sweet, high end with a rooftop bar that overlooks the city. There also is a nice spa where the kids & I can spend a day there. The little shops, wineries & bars were all cool too. I also liked the method of going to Old Town. Old Town is the main shopping center in New Mexico. You can get arts, crafts, clothing, jewelry & all sorts of places to eat, and no, I am not going to find a Gucci scarf or a glitzy bag, although I will find something handmade & cool. This trip won’t be as high-priced as ones in the past but I think it will be as fun. I have a child that is a real history buff too & I think he is happy to go into some of the museums, for myself and the rest I just want to do a little shopping, eat some Mexcian food & get pampered at the spa. I think it will be a fun trip for the kids & I.

Pot Dispensary Albuquerque New Mexico