Stayed in another state because of the storm

I ended up spending almost three days in Albuquerque, New Mexico because of flight delays.

My area was in the high storm season when I decided to do a trip.

When I decided to come back to the house I was able to get as far as New Mexico & then all the flights to our state were cancelled due to the storm. They wouldn’t fly even close to our state. My possibilities were to rent a car & drive minutes to make it home, or hang out in Albuquerque, New Mexico until something opened up. I do not like driving for long periods of time. I do not like worrying about needing to use a bathroom, getting mugged & drinking in a car. I figured I had the currency, the time & I had never been to Albuquerque before. So I got a room at a genuinely nice little chic hotel & ended up staying for almost three days. The hotel had a 1940s theme for each room. The hotel bar was genuinely set up like it was prohibition time which was cool. Another plus was our hotel had a spa where I could get a facial, nails down & a deep tissue massage. I kind of thought I would just stay in our room hanging out the entire time. After a bit of hunting around I found that Albuquerque had a lot to do. I didn’t genuinely want to rent a bike or do a long hike though. I am kind of sluggish in that regard. Instead I looked up the best places to eat in Albuquerque & found a sizable list of restaurants, bakeries & even a cannabis cafe because it is allowed there. I ended up eating a whole bunch of delicious meals while I waited to go home.

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Glad I stayed the weekend

I also happened to stay at a hotel that provided rooftop dining.

I frequently travel to a new area & give a showcase to prospective customers. It usually takes one to three days of meeting with people to sign a deal. I then choose to stay part of the weekend in the area if I think it is good enough. Typically the places I am sent to are a sizable letdown. There usually isn’t much to do unless I want to see a local basketball, hockey or tennis game. I recently went to Albuquerque, New Mexico though. That was a fun time. I am blissful that I didn’t write the neighborhood off as dull & did some research first. I did a quick peek at the top 50 things I like to do in Albuquerque & found that there is a lot to choose from. You can be active with bike routes & hikes. You can eat amazing food like red chile bread. You can also tour winnies, museums or go down to Old Town. I decided it was worth spending an extra day to see the neighborhood in person. I am so blissful I did that. Anytime someone asks myself and others a place that I went & appreciated, I mention Albuquerque, New Mexico. You don’t hear a lot about it but it is such a nice area. Any kind of man would have a great time. I also happened to stay at a hotel that provided rooftop dining. At night I could have our brunch & look at the neighborhood line. The weather was gorgeous & the sights were wonderful. I ended up spending a lot of time there just eating, drinking & relaxing. I genuinely want to take my partner there for a trip sometime soon.

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Not that kind of Mexico!

I don’t genuinely pay close attention when our boyfriend books trips for us. My guy just tells me where I am going, how long I am going & what to pack. When my boyfriend mentioned New Mexico, I stupidly thought the people I was with and I were going to Mexico. I was picturing genuinely hot weather, dry sand & interesting Mexican food. I also was prepared to mainly stay in the hotel because of the scary nature of the country. Rather than a long plane ride down to Mexico, it was a short trip to New Mexico. I hastily felt stupid when I realized he was talking about one of the U.S states. I am thankful we ended up going there instead. Obviously the state is seriously safe & the people are friendly. The weather is hot, however not seriously so. There were tons of things I like to do too. I found the local hiking trails genuinely cool. The Volcanoes Day Use Area at Petroglyph National Monument has a tow mile hiking loop that I genuinely liked. There was also Sandia Peak Tramway & Bear Canyon Arroyo Open Space that I hiked around. My boyfriend & I loved the scenic walks. None of them were overly difficult or taxing. The landscapes were just great. We even made a choice to rent bikes a single day & do some of the paved paths. Another pro of the state was the amazing food & legal pot shops. There were tons of wineries that my boyfriend and I could taste & purchase their handmade products. I genuinely liked that. It seems like New Mexico had a little something for pretty much everyone. I am glad that was our trip.

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My old college roommate is in New Mexico

It is something neat to our area as well

I have an old college pal that lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We genuinely found each other since we lived together in school. We ended up liking each other & started messaging back & forth after school. We now live on opposite ends of the country so it is cool how odd our lives are. I talk about the snow & ice while he talks about the heat. I mention the intense sporting fans of our area while he talks about history people. After hearing about Albuquerque, New Mexico, I do want to go there someday. It would be cool to visit him & also to see some of the things he is talking about. My buddy has mentioned restaurants with homemade breads, local artists painting on the streets & the shopping hub of seasoned town. I think for a long weekend it could be a wonderful trip. I especially want to go there for the crafts too! My college roommate makes instruments. He takes guitars, pianos & hand crafted straps and all other pieces. I have looked at his website & bought a guitar, strap & case before. I genuinely would prefer to see his storefront & look at his pieces in person. When I can, I try to ship him the freshly grown grapes & a bottle of our family’s homemade wine to him. It is something neat to our area as well. I think he has talked about visiting myself and others up north. I hope I see him first though. I think our area will be a letdown after his living in New Mexico his whole life.
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A good family trip to Albuquerque

My kids & I go on a trip every year; We typically pick a major area to shop, eat & just lounge around in.

Some years the kids and I do more of a beach trip & other years it is more of a neighborhood exploring trip.

This year the kids and I are planning to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Why did the kids and I land on this place? Honestly it is fun traveling to a new state every year, and I want to eventually travel to all the 50 states! Albuquerque looked genuinely fun too & different. There aren’t high end shops or beaches there, however lots of other things. I found a hotel that is sweet, high end with a rooftop bar that overlooks the city. There also is a nice spa where the kids & I can spend a day there. The little shops, wineries & bars were all cool too. I also liked the method of going to Old Town. Old Town is the main shopping center in New Mexico. You can get arts, crafts, clothing, jewelry & all sorts of places to eat, and no, I am not going to find a Gucci scarf or a glitzy bag, although I will find something handmade & cool. This trip won’t be as high-priced as ones in the past but I think it will be as fun. I have a child that is a real history buff too & I think he is happy to go into some of the museums, for myself and the rest I just want to do a little shopping, eat some Mexcian food & get pampered at the spa. I think it will be a fun trip for the kids & I.

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