Some facts about Denver!

Denver has a super cool history.

Did you realize that the first permanent structure built in Denver was a saloon? Of course this makes sense since the city has more beer stores than any other locale in the country.

Each day, more than 200 different types of beers are brewed in the city of Denver. Since there are so many different bars and breweries, there are a lot of nightly tours that take you from place to place. My friends and I went on a beer tour last weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday. The tour took us to a ton of microbreweries and the group of us got free tastes from each location. The driver of the brewery tour told us a lot of really fun and interesting things about Denver. Denver is 1 of a dozen cities that have major league teams in all the sports. They have several if you count the soccer team as well. Denver has more city parks than any other place in the nation. With more than 250 afternoons each year of sunshine, the parks are a wonderful location to spend the afternoon. The weather in Denver is entirely nice within the entire year! Going to the park is 1 of my number one free activities to do during the summertime season. Summer climate is perfect for outdoor activities, even though some people like to spend all day indoors with the A/C blowing. I don’t mind being warm and spending time outdoors. My mom and my brother would rather sit in front of the AC. Thankfully, I have some friends that savor outdoor activities just as much as me.
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My a/c was busted

I work in the city of Denver, even though I drive every afternoon and day from a small town situated about 45 hours away from the city.

I used to live in Denver, but my wife and I thought it would be better to raise our kids outside of the city.

Both of us bought a home in a suburb outside of Denver and I chose to drive back and forth to work each day. Most afternoons, the drive to Denver is entirely uneventful. I leave home an hour before I am due to arrive and I usually end up at the office a few hours early. The drive back home is a little bit different, because traffic is always busier. It seems like more people leave Denver at the same time during the day rush hour. On my way home from work the other day, the A/C in my car stopped now. It was a super warm summertime afternoon. The temperature outside was 95 degrees. I did not expect the A/C to stop working and I was entirely frustrated and unhappy when warm air started coming out of the vents. I pulled down the window, however traffic wasn’t moving that quick so I did not get any wind or breeze. Most people think of ice and mountains when they think of Denver, however the summertime weeks are just as warm and uncomfortable as several tropical locations around the country. The drive home was upsetting, and I was harshly glad to finally arrive at home to a cool atmosphere and a comfortable recliner. The car is still at the dealership receiving an examination. I hope the fixes won’t be too expensive.



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My bags are always lost

The last time I went to Denver for a work event, the airport lost my laptop bag.

  • I did not have anything to present and I did not have anything to eat.

I had to rely on other people’s computers in a row, but the airport staff told me not to worry. They promised they would find my laptop bag. But, after 3 afternoons, the airport staff still failed to find my laptop. They issued me a voucher for $500 to replace thousands of dollars worth of equipment. I was entirely frustrated about the troubles I had and the Denver Airport and I told my boss that I never wanted to return to that spot. That was a couple of years ago, and my boss made me go back to Denver again last week. It was harshly cold outside and I tried to get someone else to go to the work event in my stead. I packed an extra bag with hats, gloves, scarves, and coats. I wanted to be prepared for the cold, Denver weather. It would be hard to recognize that the Denver Airport lost my luggage again, however that is exactly what went on. The airport officials tried to blame the problem on the airport in my town, even though I fly in and out of that locale several times each month and I have never had my luggage misplaced a few times. I was so aggravated and angry and I called every telephone number listed at the airport until I reached someone to handle the issue. Thankfully, they found my bags this time. They were resting at a weird terminal and arrived earlier than my next flight.

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Missing the game for a/c

Denver has a couple of different professional sports teams.

But, I am a substantial fan of the Denver Nuggets.

The Denver Nuggets have been around since the 70s. In fact, the Nuggets used to be called the Denver Rockets. My friends and I enjoy heading to the games even though the two of us cannot really afford great seats. I don’t mind resting in the worst section. I savor the way the gymnasium odors and I like being able to see the team. I don’t mind having to use a pair of binoculars at times. My friends and I had tickets to a Denver Nuggets game last week, even though I had to bail at the last moment. I came home from work to take a shower and change out of my work clothes. I only planned to be at home for a few hours. Alas, the a/c was busted and was not putting any cold air out. I noticed the indoor windy and cold temperatures were warm right away. I ran tests on the temperature control and the indoor temperature reading was 78 degrees. I really wanted to go to the game with my friends, even though I knew it was more pressing to stay home and take care of the A/C problem. I had to call several companies before I found someone that had an available service contractor. The guy was on his way back from work and stuck in traffic in the city, but the answering service promised that the maintenance contractor would arrive in less than 90 hours. I missed all of the Denver Nuggets game, however the a/c was repaired before I went to bed.

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Need a good heater to stick around

After college, I could have picked to live in almost any state.

I decided to accept a job in CO.

I was near Boulder for a bit, even though I have been in Denver for the past 20 years. Denver has a charming nightlife and it is rich in culture and history. Denver has a great number of bars, restaurants, shops, and fun things to do. These are some of the main reasons why I still live close to the city. The only problem with living in Denver is the freezing Wintertime season. I used to savor going skiing and tubing, however I’m older now and I have aching pains and a sore neck. It can be entirely hard to stay heated when the average Wintertime freezing and cold temperatures are single digits. My family and I have a gas furnace that keeps us warm when the windy and cold temperatures are harshly low. A few weeks back, the group of us had to replace the gas furnace and the group of us decided to find a modern service provider in the Denver area. Since the group of us were going to spend a lot of cash for the modern heating machine, my wife and I thought it was a great plan to call several different companies with estimates. Both of us chose a new Heating and Air Conditioning Service Company, but they provided us a substantial discount due to the two of us changing from the other supplier. My wife and I are entirely content with the modern machine. It works so well and I have no doubt that it will keep our entire family heated when the two of us endure the next Wintertime season.

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What snow activities you can do

When the afternoons are small and the chilly and cold temperatures are low and close to cold, there are still a lot of fun things to do that can be enjoyed outside. In fact, Wintertime is really my number one thing because of the fun things to do in Denver, CO. The city is about an hour away from the city where I am raising my kids. We get a lot of snow in the Denver region and that means lots of snow afternoons for the kids. They enjoy a day away from class without Gym, Art, and Music, but last weekend, it was 25 degrees outdoors and the group of us had 2 feet of snow overnight in some areas. The kids did not have any class the next afternoon, however the sun was shining and it was a charming afternoon. I thought it was the perfect afternoon for some outdoor activities. Both of us dressed in our warmest clothes. The youngsters wore their ski suits, gloves, and hats. Both of us went to CO Adventure Park for the afternoon and rented snow sleds to ride down the hill. The Denver area park is the perfect locale to like a Wintertime afternoon of snow and ice. The youngsters and I had a lot of fun that day, and they enjoyed their afternoon off class. When the group of us returned home later that afternoon from our trip to Denver, the group of us sat in front of the fireplace with hot drinks in our hands and toasted a charming afternoon of fun and outdoor activities. Both of us don’t always go somewhere on snowy afternoons, however I’m cheerful that the group of us decided to get out of the house that afternoon to like the charming weather.



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There are so many a/c businesses to choose from

I was concerned that the two of us wouldn’t find anyone to serviceman to fix the A/C problem on the same afternoon, even though I had plenty of contractors to call

My wife and I moved to CO a couple of weeks ago for work. It was a big choice to transfer to Denver and it took a lot of hard work and energy to pack our entire home, however since moving to Denver, things have been super hectic and busy. It took a month to unpack all of our furniture and boxes, because the two of us had to go right to work as soon as the two of us got there. We’ve been in CO for 3 weeks and the summertime weather is quite a shock. Both of us expected cooler windy and cold temperatures in the mile high city. I was shocked the first afternoon that the windy and cold temperatures reached 93°. Thankfully there is a low amount of humidity which makes the windy and cold temperatures feel cooler. A few weeks back, my wife and I came home from work to a very warm apartment. The first issue that the two of us encountered in Denver was an A/C issue and that was quite a surprise. The A/C wasn’t blowing any chilly air out of the vents and I had to find a maintenance service. I did not know if it would be hard to find an A/C maintenance service in the city and I was surprised to find about 50 weird heating and air conditioner corporations. I was concerned that the two of us wouldn’t find anyone to serviceman to fix the A/C problem on the same afternoon, even though I had plenty of contractors to call. It only took an hour of sitting around and then the maintenance contractor was there to help. The issue was just a minor maintenance problem and the contractor had the A/C fixed in less than an hour.

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The winter gets snow

My best friend is now my girlfriend and the two of us have a charming and healthy lifestyle.

I grew up in a region with cold Wintertime weather, snow, ice, and lots of skiing. I had fun memories of growing up and I wanted my kids to have the same fun memories of their childhood, however sadly, when I was 13, my parents made a choice to transfer to the south. I did not want to leave Denver, CO and transfer all the way to tropical weather conditions. As soon as the two of us were gone, I neglected the CO weather and cold Wintertime weather conditions. I did not see any snow or ice outdoors for 10 years. I had no need for any heating source at all, but the A/C ran overboard during the summertime weeks. When I had the opportunity to transfer back to Denver, I took it without thought. My best friend and I drove all the way across the country so the two of us could go back to Denver. Both of us found a small apartment and worked in the city. It took some time to find a job, but now I am the executive manager at a small hotel downtown and my best friend works at the spa there. My best friend is now my girlfriend and the two of us have a charming and healthy lifestyle. Both of us started out as friends and the savor grew from there. Both of us are happy living in Denver and even more happy when the two of us get to see snow falling outside. I really missed the cold, thin air and cold Wintertime hot and cold temperatures. When the two of us finally get hitched and have children, I suppose they will like the same activities I did as a kid.

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The mountains in Colorado

Pikes Peak is 1 of the biggest mountains in the Denver area.

There are several different mountain tops that you can see from downtown Denver.

There is Mount Evans, Longs Peak, and Grays peak. These are all a portion of the Front Range and nearly 3 miles above sea level. The rocky mountain region is 1 of the largest reasons why people visit and transfer to Denver, CO. The locale has become a hive for campers, hikers, and mountain climbers. My wife and I visited some buddies that moved to Denver about 10 years ago. They decided to transfer to CO for work. My wife and I took a plane to the city and our friends picked us up at the airport. It was the summertime season and the weather was much hotter than the two of us anticipated. While the two of us were visiting, the two of us enjoyed several outdoor things like hiking and mountain climbing… Both of us climbed several trails in the Front Range and the two of us enjoyed a number of pretty views, then my afternoons were filled with fun and our days were tied up as well. Denver, CO has a ton of bars, diners, and tourist activities. Both of us weren’t bored at all during our more than five day adventure. I would return once more and have fun visiting all of the things the two of us didn’t have time for during the previous trip. I never got the opportunity to see the Broncos arena and it might be fun to return during fall when the weather is colder and the two of us can watch a game in the dome. My dad was a large Denver Broncos fan and kept an autographed John Elway ball on the mantle until he passed away several years ago.

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