I love the personality that Eugene, Oregon has

I am not a political person by nature.

  • I used to get so upset by the news, and what all these different politicians were doing, but then I had an epiphany.

I was outside of town, enjoying a long hike through the woods, and I dropped my phone. It went into a creek, and was gone for good. After three days without a phone, and being disconnected from the news and social media, I realized I was happier. I live in Eugene, Oregon, and if you know anything about this place you know it is politically charged. At least every few years Eugene will have a major protest or a political event that has everyone fired up. I realized that as much as I love Eugene, I love it for the natural beauty, the nice people, and the incredibly kind cannabis we grow here. We get so much political action around here because so many of us have strong beliefs. At the same time, we also live in Eugene because it lets us step away from the busy world and live in peace and quiet. This makes for a unique blend of individualists, who want a better world and still want to be left alone by the world. If anything else sums up Eugene, Oregon, better than that, I’d like to hear it. The only thing kinder than the people here is the cannabis, because the dispensaries are numerous, and much of the bud is cultivated and grown right here in the great state of Oregon. I love it here.

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Visiting the Historic Ford Hangar while getting a new central furnace

If I want to walk down to North Creek of Wampum Lake, I’m not worried about sitting on a spider or walking into a snake.

Ever since leaving Chicago to live in Lansing, I have finally found peace of mind. I love the city, but it feels suffocating to me at times, especially riding public transit with cramped spaces. Thankfully Lansing has many places for me to hike, like Brownell Woods, Lansing Woods, Forest Preserve, North Creek Meadow, Sweet Woods, and Thornton-Lansing Road Nature Preserve. When I lived down south, I didn’t feel as comfortable hiking through dense woodlands. We had alligators, multiple species of rattlesnakes, deadly spiders, panthers, and black bears just to name a few. Going off trails could result in an unexpected confrontation with a dangerous snake or spider. Even wild boars were a fear whenever I went hiking during mating season or whenever mothers with young boars were wandering in areas near trails. But once I moved to Lansing, I was excited to learn that my only concern while hiking the wooded trails were lyme disease carrying ticks. As long as lyme disease is treated early on, it’s often curable, so this is much better than fearing a snake bite miles away from civilization while hiking through the swamp. If I want to walk down to North Creek of Wampum Lake, I’m not worried about sitting on a spider or walking into a snake. And I’m surely not worried about an alligator or crocodile jumping out of the water to eat me if I get too close to the shore. Recently I decided to visit a different kind of location in Lansing because I had a few hours to kill while my furnace was being installed. The weather in September is mild and in the 60s during the day, so I spent a few hours touring the Historic Ford Hangar with my husband. He’s a car fanatic and has always wanted to see it, despite having issues last year due to unexpected cold snaps.

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I was embarrassed in front of my father in law

My wife and I got married before I had the opportunity to meet her father. The guy lived in Santa Barbara, California on the other side of the country. My wife and I invited him to join us on the day of our wedding, but the guy had an important business meeting and could not postpone or delay the project. My wife and I were together for a year before we decided to visit her father in Santa Barbara. I was worried about meeting the guy, especially after he invited me to play a round of golf. On the morning that we were supposed to meet at the Santa Barbara Country Club, my wife and I smoked a marijuana joint. She thought the marijuana joint would calm my nerves and help me focus on the game. I was completely stoned when my wife dropped me off at the club. I met George in the Pro Shop and we joined two additional guys on the course. The two guys were business associates of my wife’s father. We started on the first tee and I had a couple of great shots. As the morning progressed and the marijuana started to sink further into my system, my shots were less and less structured. I hit a ball into a fairway that wasn’t even part of my hole. At the end of nine holes, I was 7 strokes over and totally embarrassed in front of my father-in-law. I thought the marijuana joint was a good idea, but I should have stayed sober that morning.
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Each person can select an ornament from the tree

My friends came to visit me in Denver, so I naturally took them to a recreational cannabis shop.

Most of my friends live in Florida, where I am from.

Medical marijuana is legal, but it’s really difficult to obtain a prescription from the doctor. The licensed Physicians make you jump through hoops and you have to spend a fortune to become certified. My friends we’re jealous when I got a job offer in Denver, because I moved to a state with legal recreational Cannabis. The first time they came to visit me, we went to a recreational cannabis shop a few miles away from my apartment in Denver. The cannabis shop was having a special deal for the holidays. Every person making a purchase got to pick an ornament from a large tree in the center of the dispensary. Each one of the ornaments had a prize inside of the box. Some of the prizes were discounts and some of the prices were actual marijuana products from the store. My friends thought it was a very cool advertising idea. The week before my friends visited, I went to the dispensary and I picked an ornament from the tree. There was a 10% off coupon inside. This time when my friends and I visited, I picked a different ornament from the lower and back side of the tree. Inside was a coupon for 50% off my order. One of my friends found a 10% off coupon and his girlfriend found a coupon for a free gram of cannabis concentrate. The entire vacation was filled with fun and surprises.


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The marijuana shop is getting a makeover next month

I’m going to enjoy the sun and I might even go to the lake next month when I don’t have to go to work. I haven’t had three days off in a row in forever and I’m planning to make up for lost time. Next month I am getting a week off work and the company is going to pay for me to stay at home. I thought I was already lucky getting to work for a marijuana shop in downtown Denver. Now I’m getting some bonus perks. The recreational and medical marijuana shop has been open for several years. I’ve been employed here since last June. Business has been really good since Colorado legalized recreational marijuana. Our business has tripled in the past year and the owner decided to make a lot of changes to the building. Next week a contractor is going to completely renovate the shop. During that time, I will be on a paid vacation from the owner of the marijuana business. The guy is paying for everyone and the Denver location to take a week-long break. I have a friend that works in a shop that is in Boulder. It is owned by the same person. They aren’t having any renovations and they will not be getting a free week of pay. My friend is pretty upset and aggravated that I am a lot luckier than he is. I imagine the boulder store will eventually get a makeover as well. That place has been open almost as long as the Denver location.



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I showed up at the worst time possible

The entire backyard smells like marijuana

When my work transferred me to California, I was immediately worried about the recreational and medical marijuana laws. I knew it was going to be very easy for my teenagers to acquire marijuana. I didn’t want either one of the kids to use the plants until they were old enough to make the decision on their own. I certainly did not think a couple of fifteen-year-old boys were able to make that decision yet. My wife and I moved to a neighborhood outside of San Francisco. My commute everyday to the city is about 45 minutes, but it costs too much money to live in San Francisco. We have a four-bedroom house that was less than a million dollars. The same house in San Francisco would have been 5 million dollars. My wife and I went out of town last weekend so we could attend a wedding. I decided to let the boys stay home alone instead of taking them with us. My wife and I came home early on Saturday. We never planned to stay the night, but we wanted to see if we could trust the boys. When we walked in the front door, we didn’t see the boys anywhere. We went out back and that’s where we saw the boys sitting by the pool. The boys were smoking a marijuana joint. The entire backyard smells like marijuana. The boys tried to come up with an excuse, but my wife and I smoked pot in college. We know what marijuana smells like. Both boys are grounded for the next month.
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The thought of leaving again makes me very sad

It’s one of the reasons why I have smoked marijuana every night

I’ve been in the military for a long time, but I found a home in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve lived here for the longest. It’s been almost 8 years since I moved to California. I absolutely fell in love with San Francisco and the city. There are so many wonderful activities to fill the day. I’ve been here a long time and I still haven’t seen all of the city. The thought of leaving San Francisco makes me feel very sad. Unfortunately, I decided to take a contract with the military and I will be leaving for 2 years. I have to say goodbye to San Francisco and all of the terms of the city. That includes recreational marijuana. I work for a contract company that does not test for recreational marijuana. Since it was legal to purchase in California, I never worried much at all when I went to a San Francisco area dispensary. Now that I will be living in a different state, I will no longer have access to medical or recreational marijuana. I’m definitely not looking forward to quitting, because I like the relaxed and comfortable feeling I get when I smoke pot. It’s one of the reasons why I have smoked marijuana every night. I used to have a lot of bad dreams and I would wake up screaming. When I started smoking marijuana every night before bedtime, I had a few bad dreams and a much more restful night of sleep. Giving up the good sleep is going to make me cranky for a few weeks.

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It was actually kind of cold on the ferry ride

When you live in Florida, it’s hard to ever feel cold.

Even during the winter months, the temperatures are still above freezing and usually in the 40s or 50s.

I live in Cocoa, which is a small city in Brevard County. I am very close to the Atlantic Ocean and near the Indian River. The Indian River is probably the coolest part of cocoa. The Indian River has manatees most of the year. My friends and I often spend time kayaking around the small bends of the river. My girlfriend and I met online and she decided to move here a couple of months ago. I’ve had a lot of fun showing her around Brevard County. There are so many cool places to visit. Last weekend, we took a ride on the Indian River Queen. This large paddle wheel boat has a fully air-conditioned deck with a bar, seating, food, and restrooms. Another part of the boat has a dance floor, music, and a bar. My girlfriend and I went on a Friday night dinner and cruise. The tickets were a little expensive, but I knew it would be a fun, exciting, and romantic evening. I certainly didn’t expect it to be cold. It was 98 degrees that day and still above 90 when my girlfriend and I boarded the boat in Cocoa. The wind was fierce and out on the water, my girlfriend and I were cold. We spent most of the evening indoors where the temperatures were climate controlled. We still had a really nice time and enjoyed our evening on the water.


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I thought busch gardens would be tons of fun

Tampa is one of the biggest cities in Florida and a popular destination with tourists.

  • Many people that live in the state of Florida choose to visit Tampa because of the attractions.

The Florida aquarium is a nice place to visit in Tampa Bay and tickets are less than $30 for an adult. One of my favorite places to visit is Busch Gardens. Busch Gardens in Tampa is a family friendly Adventure Park. Busch Gardens is easily one of the largest zoos in North America. The home has more than 10,000 different species of animals. Admission to the park includes all of the attractions and rides. I received free tickets to visit Busch Gardens from my job. They were only good until the end of the month, so my girlfriend and I decided to go last Saturday. I thought it was going to be a lot of fun to visit the local attraction, but the weather made the day hard to enjoy. It was almost 95 degrees on that summer day and the humidity was just as high. The park had a couple of misting fans running throughout the park, but they were no match for the heat and the humidity. The only areas with AC were gift shops and restaurants. My girlfriend and I only spent a couple of hours in the park and then we decided to leave early and go home. Thankfully the tickets were free, because we would have wanted a lot of money otherwise. It was simply too hot and humid to enjoy the day outside.

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