I ordered from a cannabis delivery service while visiting family in Eugene, OR

I decided to use my vacation time at work this year to visit my family in the Pacific Northwest. Last year I went to a resort in Mexico to enjoy alcohol on the beach in the gorgeous sunshine. My family hasn’t seen me in years and begged me to visit as soon as I could. Since I love mountains and hiking in general, I was getting really excited for my trip. My parents and my younger siblings moved to Eugene, Oregon after I graduated from college in Chicago and headed east for a job in Boston. Since my father owns a company with locations around the country, he decided to relocate to his company headquarters in Eugene. It’s a beautiful city, with hundreds of miles of hiking trails and gorgeous parks where you can take your family for the afternoon. The Cascades Raptor Center is an extremely popular destination in Eugene where you can meet all sorts of different raptor birds like Eagles and Hawks. But I was particularly excited about trying the local cannabis while staying with my parents in Eugene, Oregon. I looked on Google Maps and saw that there are at least two dozen different dispensaries throughout the city, but I was in a precarious situation. Unless I called an Uber driver, I was limited to whatever cannabis dispensaries in Eugene that offer home delivery services. I was impressed to see so many of the weed stores in this city offering home delivery for free or for a small fee. Some of these marijuana stores simply demand an order minimum to get free delivery.


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Caught a hockey game while there

My family is a big time hockey one.

We always make it a point to watch a hockey game on TV or in person if possible.

If you travel anywhere during hockey season, you better try to catch a game. I lucked out being in Orland Park Illinois because of a work thing. I was actually very impressed with the area. The Orland Park Grasslands as part of the forest preserve were really pretty. I also liked Continental Park while I was there. Of course I chose to stay for the weekend and drive into Chicago so I could see a Chicago Blackhawks game. It is tradition in my family to see a hockey game wherever you are, buy a jersey and have a good time. What was especially nice is that after the game, driving back to my hotel in Orland Park wasn’t that difficult. It was only about forty minutes and the drive was nice. I was able to enjoy the city but not hear all the noise. I bet people staying in that area gotta deal with traffic and people yelling all night long since their hockey team won. Instead, I got to sleep in a quiet hotel in a nice neighborhood. I liked the area so much that anytime work offers someone to travel to Orland Park I jump right at it. It is calm, peaceful and very fun. It is right up my alley. I will try to push going only during hockey season though. I have zero interest in other sports.

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I wanted to visit Tarzana, but I couldn’t remember why.

Since I didn’t like travelling alone, I told them I was bringing my girlfriend, and his wife agreed that we should both come

My friends and I had been doing some pretty heavy partying the night before. We were celebrating the end of testing and what would soon be our summer vacation. I had already told my best friend that we were going to Tarzana, CA for the summer. She looked at me and asked why? I remembered talking to my brothers the night before, but I couldn’t remember why I wanted to visit them or Tarzana, CA. I told her I would tell her when we finished class and I headed to the bathroom. For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out why I was going to visit my brothers, or Tarzana, CA, and why I was taking my girlfriend. A part of me wanted to give my twin brother a call and ask him what was going on, but I knew he would laugh at me. He had moved to Tarzana almost a year ago, and he told my parents how good it was. He was working at the local marijuana dispensary and getting along well. With the help of the legalized medical marijuana, his ADHD was finally under control. That’s when it hit me. I remembered them telling me that they also had legalized recreational marijuana, and I could use it without getting in trouble while I was visiting. Since I didn’t like travelling alone, I told them I was bringing my girlfriend, and his wife agreed that we should both come. I guess I just needed to clear my head a bit more so I could think straight. Now, I just need to come with the money so we can fly to Tarzana, CA.


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Santa Barbara is the best place to elope

I knew I wanted to elope to California, the issue was where. I started hunting around and looking at major cities. While everywhere in California will marry you, the locations all differ quite a bit. Since California is such a broad state, you can get a variety of backdrops in your photos. Northern California has beautiful sequoia and redwood trees. Mid California is Yosemite National Park with gorgeous trees, water and landscapes. Further South you are getting beaches and gorgeous buildings. I decided I wanted a beachy backdrop and started looking at places along the coast. Monterey looked beautiful but too small for my taste. I also wanted to have guests at my wedding and it looked like the small venues couldn’t accommodate. That is how I landed on Santa Barbara. That place literally has everything you can want. It is big and city-like without being Los Angeles. It has gorgeous beaches and quaint shops without being a little like Carmel by the Sea. Santa Barbara has all kinds of wedding packages too. I can get married in gardens, on rooftops overlooking the red tile roofs, along the American Rivera, or right in the city. I am not sure what wedding package to get, there are so many to choose from! My family is pretty stoked because the area is gorgeous. My brother in particular is excited to check out the recreational cannabis dispensaries while he is there. I will most likely book hotels in the city area where getting cannabis will be easy. It is like I am telling my brother to get high at my wedding.

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Our rental house didn't have central AC

My friends and I decided to go to Florida for spring break.

A lot of people went to Daytona Beach, but I wanted to go to Tampa.

Tampa is a lot bigger than Daytona Beach and there are way more activities. It’s also simply nicer in Tampa. Daytona Beach is dirty and there are constantly problems with crimes and fights. It sounded better to take our spring break vacation in the Tampa area. My friend Brad made all of the reservations for our beach rental. We found a place in Clearwater Beach with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms. It was right in our price range. We had to pay a $600 security deposit, but my friends and I got that back at the end of our stay. The rental was surprisingly inexpensive for the Tampa area and my friends and I thought we found a steal. When we arrived at the location, we quickly realized why the Tampa area rental was so inexpensive. It didn’t have any Central AC. When the outdoor temperatures are 90 degrees everyday, Central AC is extremely important. My friends and I were really bummed out about our accommodations, but we should have looked more carefully at the advertisement for the home. It clearly stated on the rental that the place had AC, but it never specified whether or not the unit was a central system or window units. A lot of other people paid five hundred more for the weekly rental rates, because they had better accommodations.. We used that extra money to have a lot of fun.

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A week in Denver was like experiencing four seasons

The average summer temperatures in Denver, Colorado or around 87 degrees.

July is easily one of the hottest months of the summer season, much like other states in the country.

In December, the average lows are in the 40s. Of course there are higher elevations in the city of Denver and the low temperatures are different in those areas. The weather in Denver can be described as A subtropical microclimate or humid continental climate. Because of the dry climate, temperatures during the day are much higher than temperatures at night. There are other places around the country that experience this temperature variation. Most of those places are in the desert. During the day, the temperatures in Denver can be 60 or 70 degrees. At night, those same temperatures may be 30 degrees lower. My friends and I spent a week in Denver last spring, and it was like experiencing four different seasons. I was happy that we were in a hotel with a heating and AC unit, because we used both of the machines to change the climate inside of our hotel room. We had two nights of freezing cold weather and two different days when the temperatures were warm enough to go swimming. It was a strange week in Denver, but we had a lot of fun visiting all of the tourist destinations. One of my favorite places to visit was the Denver Broncos stadium. I’ve been a Broncos fan for twenty years and my dad loves the team too. I got him a really cool Denver jersey with his name on the back.

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The tornado ripped the HVAC unit apart

Because of the unique atmosphere and weather in Denver, it is very rare and unusual to experience any tornadic activity.

Before last summer, I lived in Denver for 35 years and never saw a single tornado except on the Weather Channel.

Last summer was an anomaly, and I was in Denver to witness the tornado. A rare summer storm created the Twister. The tornado touched down about a mile from my house. I wasn’t home at the time, and I didn’t know anything about the tornado until I turned on the news. The tornado was quickly moving in the direction of my home, so I called my wife and I told her to take cover with the kids. Everyone was home from school on that summer day. The tornado came right through the backyard. There was a large rut in the ground where the tornado was swirling. The tornado ripped our HVAC unit apart. We rarely have to worry about humidity and heat in Denver, but we have a heat pump and air conditioner. The air conditioner is outside in the backyard and the tornado picked it up from the pad and dropped it in the neighbor’s backyard. The HVAC unit was ripped apart. My wife and I had to call the homeowners insurance company. When we told them our location was Denver, they were immediately surprised to hear we were calling about tornado damage. I hope we never have to worry about this type of weather problem again. Seeing the tornado in action was scary. The size and power are very threatening.

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It's really cold at night in Toronto

Toronto is a city on Lake Ontario. Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada. It is well known as a place with a diverse population and many different cultures of people. During the winter months, there is one thing that makes everyone the same. We all freeze when the temperatures drop below zero. It’s hard to heat my home in Ontario and it is one of the largest expenses when considering the purchase of a home. The mortgage and the heating bill are large expenses. I purchased a furnace that has a multi-level heating feature and zone control. It makes it easier to heat only the parts of the house that I am using. Friday night I went out to dinner with some friends. We went to a new restaurant in Toronto by the art gallery. Before we went to the restaurant, we decided to stop at a legal cannabis dispensary. Toronto is just one of the cities in Canada where cannabis is legal for recreational and medical reasons. The legal age to buy recreational marijuana in Toronto is 19. My friends and I are in our upper twenties. We stopped at the dispensary and picked up some cannabis edibles. The edibles were all on sale, which was a surprise on a Friday night. We ate twenty milligrams each. By the end of dinner, I felt absolutely high. When I got home from dinner, I still felt the effects from the legal recreational cannabis. I wasn’t in the best frame of mind when I walked into the door and realized that my brand new furnace wasn’t working. It was only 52 degrees in the house and I had to call a repair service.



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I needed a cannabis shop that offered delivery to my Denver hotel

Denver is one of the most populous cities in the state of Colorado.

It is a wonderful destination for skiing, even though Denver doesn’t actually have any ski resorts.

Denver is a gateway to some of the finest skiing in the country and the world. There are several world-known ski resorts a few hours away from Denver and several resorts well loved by the locals that are about an hour away. My girlfriend and I spent the weekend in Denver so we could go skiing at a resort close by. We drove to the hotel and parking was difficult to find. We got lucky to find a spot in the hotel parking garage on the first floor. My girlfriend and I didn’t want to take our car anywhere if we didn’t find it absolutely necessary. When we talked about going to the cannabis dispensary, I suggested driving. My girlfriend didn’t want to take the car to that cannabis dispensary and instead suggested that we call an Uber or a taxi. I looked at the prices to call an Uber and it was only going to be $6 for the car to take us from the Denver hotel to the cannabis dispensary. I didn’t mind paying such a small fee and neither did my girlfriend. Fortunately, we found out that the cannabis shop actually offered free delivery right to the hotel. My girlfriend and I placed our order online and we never had to leave the comfort of our room. It was a lot different than home. We have to drive about twenty minutes to get weed where we live.

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