Author: Joey

The prices on repairs are going up next quarter

I know that my customers are not going to be very happy when they find out that I have to raise all of the prices on services, but the recession has hit me hard and things have not been the same since the beginning of the pandemic. Business went down the toilet when I had […]

It isn’t hot-air ballooning, but it is still fun.

When I went to visit my best friend in Orland Park, IL, I thought we would do a lot of fun things. I wanted to go hot-air ballooning, race through the mountains, or anything else that would offer some thrills. We spent the first night getting reacquainted. The weather had turned cool and rainy on […]

I needed to get my medical marijuana.

Having just moved to Las Vegas, NV, I did not know the area I was living in. I had to find where the best grocery store was located, where the churches and schools work, and where the cheapest marijuana dispensary was located. I hope to have all the necessary locations with in a short distance […]

HVAC in New Mexico

One way that I save money during the Wintertide season is by using a space heater. Periodically I just need a little bit of heat directly where I am sitting… I do not need to heat the whole more than two dining room modern home when I am kneeling in the kitchen plus our feet […]

A small heater goes a long way

One way that I save currency during the Winter season is by using a space heater, and sporadically I just need a little bit of heat directly where I am sitting, i don’t need to heat the whole 3 kitchen cabin when I am standing in the residing room plus my feet are cold, but […]