Author: Joey

When the Summer temps are hottest, we use the AC

I previously had a 14 seer heat pump plus A/C unit, while it cooled the beach house well, it had a hard time maintaining a temperature level of 72° Summer hot plus cold temperatures in Albuquerque are respectfully close to 100°! I don’t care about to spend much time outside if I don’t have to. […]

I got all the infused marijuana joints for 50% off on 420

Infused marijuana joints are my favorite product from that dispensary. Infuse marijuana joints are something that I cannot make at home on my own. I’ve tried a couple of different times and I have used a couple of different methods but I still have been unable to perfect the cannabis infused marijuana joint. Those infused […]

The weather in Lee's Summit, MO is wild

After being trapped inside for an extremely long and cold winter season, I can’t wait to get some fresh air. Living in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, makes me appreciate any temperature above freezing. If there’s no rain or snow falling from the sky, I head outside. Fortunately, there are lots of ways to enjoy the outdoors […]

Driving around Palos Verdes

My husband and I found ourselves in Los Angeles for a few days. He had a business trip that ended on a friday. Rather than immediately fly home, he decided to stay the weekend. I accompanied him for the long weekend. We had two and a half days together to enjoy LA in style. There […]

Favorite products at dispensary

My husband and I live about two hours south of Los Angeles. Every couple of months, we like to spend the weekend in the city. We mainly make the trip for the sake of visiting Beverly Hills. We just love the area. We’ve found that the best weather is in the spring and fall, but […]