Author: Joey

Caught a hockey game while there

My family is a big time hockey one. We always make it a point to watch a hockey game on TV or in person if possible. If you travel anywhere during hockey season, you better try to catch a game. I lucked out being in Orland Park Illinois because of a work thing. I was […]

Santa Barbara is the best place to elope

I knew I wanted to elope to California, the issue was where. I started hunting around and looking at major cities. While everywhere in California will marry you, the locations all differ quite a bit. Since California is such a broad state, you can get a variety of backdrops in your photos. Northern California has […]

Our rental house didn't have central AC

My friends and I decided to go to Florida for spring break. A lot of people went to Daytona Beach, but I wanted to go to Tampa. Tampa is a lot bigger than Daytona Beach and there are way more activities. It’s also simply nicer in Tampa. Daytona Beach is dirty and there are constantly […]

A week in Denver was like experiencing four seasons

The average summer temperatures in Denver, Colorado or around 87 degrees. July is easily one of the hottest months of the summer season, much like other states in the country. In December, the average lows are in the 40s. Of course there are higher elevations in the city of Denver and the low temperatures are […]

The tornado ripped the HVAC unit apart

Because of the unique atmosphere and weather in Denver, it is very rare and unusual to experience any tornadic activity. Before last summer, I lived in Denver for 35 years and never saw a single tornado except on the Weather Channel. Last summer was an anomaly, and I was in Denver to witness the tornado. […]

It's really cold at night in Toronto

Toronto is a city on Lake Ontario. Toronto is one of the largest cities in Canada. It is well known as a place with a diverse population and many different cultures of people. During the winter months, there is one thing that makes everyone the same. We all freeze when the temperatures drop below zero. […]