Author: Joey

I love the personality that Eugene, Oregon has

I am not a political person by nature. I used to get so upset by the news, and what all these different politicians were doing, but then I had an epiphany. I was outside of town, enjoying a long hike through the woods, and I dropped my phone. It went into a creek, and was […]

I was embarrassed in front of my father in law

My wife and I got married before I had the opportunity to meet her father. The guy lived in Santa Barbara, California on the other side of the country. My wife and I invited him to join us on the day of our wedding, but the guy had an important business meeting and could not […]

Each person can select an ornament from the tree

My friends came to visit me in Denver, so I naturally took them to a recreational cannabis shop. Most of my friends live in Florida, where I am from. Medical marijuana is legal, but it’s really difficult to obtain a prescription from the doctor. The licensed Physicians make you jump through hoops and you have […]

I showed up at the worst time possible

The entire backyard smells like marijuana When my work transferred me to California, I was immediately worried about the recreational and medical marijuana laws. I knew it was going to be very easy for my teenagers to acquire marijuana. I didn’t want either one of the kids to use the plants until they were old […]

The thought of leaving again makes me very sad

It’s one of the reasons why I have smoked marijuana every night I’ve been in the military for a long time, but I found a home in the San Francisco Bay Area. I’ve lived here for the longest. It’s been almost 8 years since I moved to California. I absolutely fell in love with San […]

It was actually kind of cold on the ferry ride

When you live in Florida, it’s hard to ever feel cold. Even during the winter months, the temperatures are still above freezing and usually in the 40s or 50s. I live in Cocoa, which is a small city in Brevard County. I am very close to the Atlantic Ocean and near the Indian River. The […]

I thought busch gardens would be tons of fun

Tampa is one of the biggest cities in Florida and a popular destination with tourists. Many people that live in the state of Florida choose to visit Tampa because of the attractions. The Florida aquarium is a nice place to visit in Tampa Bay and tickets are less than $30 for an adult. One of […]