Author: Joey

There are so many a/c businesses to choose from

I was concerned that the two of us wouldn’t find anyone to serviceman to fix the A/C problem on the same afternoon, even though I had plenty of contractors to call My wife and I moved to CO a couple of weeks ago for work. It was a big choice to transfer to Denver and […]

Missing the game for a/c

Denver has a couple of different professional sports teams. But, I am a substantial fan of the Denver Nuggets. The Denver Nuggets have been around since the 70s. In fact, the Nuggets used to be called the Denver Rockets. My friends and I enjoy heading to the games even though the two of us cannot […]

My bags are always lost

The last time I went to Denver for a work event, the airport lost my laptop bag. I did not have anything to present and I did not have anything to eat. I had to rely on other people’s computers in a row, but the airport staff told me not to worry. They promised they […]

What snow activities you can do

When the afternoons are small and the chilly and cold temperatures are low and close to cold, there are still a lot of fun things to do that can be enjoyed outside. In fact, Wintertime is really my number one thing because of the fun things to do in Denver, CO. The city is about […]

The winter gets snow

My best friend is now my girlfriend and the two of us have a charming and healthy lifestyle. I grew up in a region with cold Wintertime weather, snow, ice, and lots of skiing. I had fun memories of growing up and I wanted my kids to have the same fun memories of their childhood, […]

Need a good heater to stick around

After college, I could have picked to live in almost any state. I decided to accept a job in CO. I was near Boulder for a bit, even though I have been in Denver for the past 20 years. Denver has a charming nightlife and it is rich in culture and history. Denver has a […]

The mountains in Colorado

Pikes Peak is 1 of the biggest mountains in the Denver area. There are several different mountain tops that you can see from downtown Denver. There is Mount Evans, Longs Peak, and Grays peak. These are all a portion of the Front Range and nearly 3 miles above sea level. The rocky mountain region is […]

My a/c was busted

I work in the city of Denver, even though I drive every afternoon and day from a small town situated about 45 hours away from the city. I used to live in Denver, but my wife and I thought it would be better to raise our kids outside of the city. Both of us bought […]

Such a pretty place to live

Denver is 1 of the greatest locales to live in. Denver is listed as 1 of the liveliest and most interesting cities in the world! It has breathtaking landscapes and flowers, great weather, and lots of activities. I have been in CO since the 90’s when my mom and dad moved here with our family! […]