We need an emergency HVAC technician in Minneapolis, MN

We live in Minneapolis, MN, and last week our old electric furnace system stopped working in our house.

We have had the same old electric furnace in our house ever since we moved in here about 15 years ago.

I would have to say that it has lasted a lot longer than we initially thought that it would. I remember thinking when I first moved in here all those years ago that the heating system was not going to last us for very long. I mean, after all, when you live in Minneapolis MN, you have to use the furnace a whole lot during the year. It gets really cold around here, and the temperatures start dropping at the end of September. Then of course, it doesn’t really warm up until the end of May most of the time! In other words, you have to have a furnace that is working at the top of its game throughout the year. The weather is already starting to cool off here and winter is just around the corner. Last week when the old electric furnace system finally died, I knew right away that we were going to have to get a new furnace put in right away. Unfortunately, most of the HVAC companies that I called around here were scheduling way out, like weeks ahead in advance. That wasn’t gonna work for me because I’m already cold and we needed to get a new heating system put in right away. I finally found an emergency HVAC technician in Minneapolis MN who was able to help us.


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