Denver is home to some amazing golf courses

Denver is home to some amazing golf courses.

There are at least a dozen unusual golf courses in the neighborhood that have been built by famous golfers, however once a year during the Springtime, my friends in addition to I take a trip to Denver, CO for a whole extended week that includes both weekends! While we are in Denver, we go to a unusual golf course every single day of the week.

We end with a final round of golf at the most prestigious course in the city. We go to all of the best restaurants in addition to see all of the tourist sites when we are there. We also savor recreational marijuana, recreational marijuana has been legal in Denver for a long time now! Denver was absolutely one of the first states to legalize recreational marijuana all the way back in 2012. Different sites around the state have their phone laws for marijuana use in addition to possession, but the neighborhood of Denver is pretty lenient, then as long as you aren’t openly smoking marijuana, nobody absolutely cares. My friends in addition to I usually take a marijuana vape pen to the golf course; Some of the sites around Denver don’t care if you smoke marijuana in addition to golf, but some of the other sites go nuts if they smell weed. My friends in addition to I have a marijuana vape pen for those sites. When we leave Denver in addition to head back home, we have to make sure that we don’t have any recreational marijuana supplies in our suitcase or on our woman. You can buy it in addition to smoke it in Denver, but you cannot take it out of the state of CO.


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