I wasn't going to remain in the hotel room

The a/c would not cool the room any lower than 71°

My boss knows that I dislike flying on aircrafts, so she usually tries to send me to supplier meetings and proposals that are close by, however yesterday there was an investor that was getting frosty feet and my boss asked me to fly across the country to Phoenix, AZ. She gave to let me use her personal plane, but the thought of getting into a much smaller aircraft sounded like a terrible idea. There are a lot more small commercial and charter planes that go down than 717 and jets so I decided to say no to the offer, then my boss told me that I could pick any hotel that I wanted and expense a car and driver, and i chose a five-star hotel across the street from the supplier where I was going to meet the shopper in Phoenix. I flew into Phoenix on a red-eye flight and I was there before the hotel respectfully let guests check into their room. The director of the hotel asked me to supply him an hour and she said the room would be ready. I went to a eating establishment nearby and had some supper and the room was ready when I came back. I had a great view of Phoenix from the 12th floor hotel room, but unfortunately, complications with the room a/c kept me from staying in that room with a great view. The a/c would not cool the room any lower than 71°. I wasn’t going to stay in Phoenix in a hotel separate from air conditioning when the weekly hot and cold temperatures were supposed to be 104° all weekend.

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