The dispensary was right across the street from the clothing boutique

My girlfriend wanted to go to Beverly Hills for the day to do some shopping.

I wanted to look at some things, so I agreed to go with her.

We decided to drive to the city. We took the car, because it is much easier to park. We found a place to park that was close to one of the shops that my wife wanted to visit. I noticed there was a cannabis dispensary on the other side of the street. While my wife was in the clothing shop, I went to the Beverly Hills cannabis boutique. The place had a seating area and a bar. I grabbed a drink from the bar and sat down at a table. The waitress came to the table a few minutes later with a menu from the cannabis bar. I ordered a pre-rolled marijuana cigarette. I smoked the entire thing while I was waiting for my wife to finish at the shop across the street. I could see the door from the place where I was sitting inside of the cannabis shop. I felt very high and a little loopy after I smoked a marijuana cigarette from the dispensary. When I walked out the door to go back to the clothing shop, I almost tripped and fell down the stairs. I was in a great mood the rest of the day. I didn’t even care when my wife suggested stopping at three additional clothing stores in Beverly hills. After smoking the marijuana joint, I didn’t really care what types of activities we did all day.


Cannabis Shop Beverly Hills