Heating, Ventilation, and A/C doesn’t mean bathroom ventilation

My spouse and I have slowly renovated my Minneapolis home, but my friend and I started with the dining room and dining room floors.

My friend and I then painted all the walls, scrapped the ceilings and added new lights, i remodeled the master bathroom and the dining room a few years later. Now my associate and I have our main, family bathroom; When that is completed, the whole house has gotten a facelift within the first five years of living! Pretty neat right? My friend and I both are eager to get started so that my associate and I can relax in a renovated house, however the family bathroom hasn’t required too much work. The fixtures all get to stay where they are. I picked out a simple shower tile, a good tub and floor stone for the bathroom. I purchased a vanity that slipped right in and hired out the countertop replacement! One thing I did push for was bathroom ventilation. It was consistently annoying how steamy and sticky the air quality got. My a/c didn’t do a good task of filtering it out of the room either even though it is cold in Minnesota. The mirror fogged over and I got condensation on the glass. I figured since Heating, Ventilation, and A/C has ventilation in the tile, that I could just call the local dealership. I found out that ventilators and bathroom ventilation aren’t the same thing at all. In the end an electrician was the guy that did this replacement task. It felt odd having him drill a hole in the side of my house and work with filtered air. In my head that just seems truly Heating, Ventilation, and A/C oriented. Oh well, I am delighted that I have it now.



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I have already scheduled my HVAC service for the year

After record temperatures last Summer, I learned a valuable lesson.

  • I will never wait until the last minute to schedule my HVAC service appointment.

In fact, it’s early March and I already have my HVAC service scheduled for the middle of this month. Last Summer, I was traveling a lot and decided to cancel my service appointment. And living in Phoenix, it’s always hard to find HVAC providers who aren’t busy during the warmer months. In fact, some providers are so busy that the wait time can be up to 2 weeks for service. If the A/C unit is broken, then that’s an even bigger issue especially if you’re someone who is at risk for health reasons. Waiting more than 2 days for an HVAC provider to fix an A/C unit could be a life or death situation. Of course, fans and portable air conditioners could be temporary solutions, but they can only do so much. When the temperature is 110 degrees during the day and 95 degrees at night, a portable air conditioner can barely keep the house cool. And it’s not fair to blame the HVAC providers when they can’t fix these A/C units in a timely manner, they are doing the best they can to get to everyone. Renters in Phoenix have certain rights when it comes to air conditioning, it was ruled that having air conditioning is an essential service. Although this law gives renters certain protection, it can’t do anything for them if they can’t find a technician to perform the work. Personally, I hope I am never faced with a broken A/C because that is far worse than a delay in receiving HVAC service.


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Solar panels might be the solution to high energy bill

A couple of years ago, we experienced one of the hottest months in Phoenix in modern times.

The temperature outside rose about 100 degrees for over 50 consecutive days.

Of course, when the weather is hot, it is safe to say that the air conditioner will be running close to 24/7. And in order to keep my home comfortable, I typically have the thermostat set at 72 degrees. So, it’s no surprise that I paid close to $300 each month to keep my home as comfortable as possible. The only saving grace was that during the Winter, my energy bill decreased to around $100 because we didn’t use the heat as much as we used the air conditioner that year. I have a 3-bedroom house and my energy bill is a lot lower than someone with a 5 or 6-bedroom house. Those homeowners probably paid close to $500 per month to run their air conditioning that year. With prices like this, it’s no wonder that more and more people are opting to switch to solar energy. Solar energy is being marketed as a better option and based on what I have read, it can remove the expense of the monthly energy bill. I am not yet sold on the idea of switching to solar energy, but if we continue to experience record breaking temperatures, I might have no choice but to make the switch. As long as the solar can power my air conditioner without any interruptions, it might just be my best option while living in Phoenix. The good news is, we get a lot of sunshine, so installing solar panels might just be the smart thing to do.

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Having air conditioned spaces is important for Phoenix

Have you heard that Phoenix has been named one of the best locations to visit during the Spring? And of course, we have lots of events, festivals as well as great dining in the city. Not to mention that the weather is pleasant during the Springtime, the temperature is usually in the low to mid-70s, which means it’s the perfect weather for outdoor activities. Yes, springtime might be the best time of the year to visit, but don’t overlook the Summer because there are tons of stuff to do even when the weather is brutally hot outside. We have lots of bars and restaurants that provide dining in a comfortable air conditioned space. Our hotels are also great because they provide lots of air conditioned spaces to cool off. My mom doesn’t like the heat, so last year when I asked her to visit during July, she was hesitant about coming to Phoenix during the Summer. But I convinced her to come because I booked a few nights at the Marriott Phoenix Resort Tempe at The Buttes. This resort is amazing because it offers world-class amenities, and the best part was, my mom forgot about the heat outside. The pool is incredible, but she loved the spa as well as the restaurants at the resort. Having air conditioned places that are comfortable for visitors is important for Phoenix because that will attract people to the city during the hottest months of the year. For me, I take full advantage of these spaces during the warmer months. Plus, my home has great air conditioning and it’s the number one place where I seek reprieve when the weather is brutal outside.

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My air conditioner is 12 years old and will need to be replaced soon

I love living in Phoenix because of the different terrains that surround the city. Of course, there is the desert, but we are also surrounded by mountains which means we have incredible hiking trails. Many visitors flock to Phoenix each year to enjoy the weather, the food and to shop at our incredible stores, galleries, and more. While the visitors travel to the city for short periods of time, they only get a glimpse of what it’s like to be in Phoenix. There are some challenges that come with living in the desert. One of which has to do with having proper air conditioning for your home to be comfortable. If you don’t know, HVAC is a huge industry in Phoenix because having air conditioning is a necessity here. It would be hard to survive the brutal temperatures outside without the luxury of air conditioning. Personally, my air conditioner is one of the most important appliances that I own, so I go above and beyond to make sure that my air conditioner is in tip top condition. I always make sure that I get the unit services at least once per year. However, I have been scheduling service twice per year because the unit is getting old now. Typically, in normal climates, an air conditioner would last between 15-25 years, but because of the brutal weather in Phoenix, most air conditioners are given a lifespan between 10-15 years. My air conditioner is about 12 years old, so in the next year or 2, I will need to replace it. The extra wear and tear on the unit, has caused the lower lifespan, but that’s part of the deal of living in a brutally hot city like Phoenix Arizona.

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My energy bill increased because of my air conditioner

Phoenix is known as the Valley of The Sun, and it’s no secret that the city is in the middle of the desert.

Of course, because it is in the middle of the desert, it is expected to be hot. And yes, the dry heat here in Phoenix is something to get used to. While many of us have grown to love the heat and have even found ways to work around it, there are times when it becomes too much to handle. A couple of Summers ago, we experienced one of the hottest months on record since 1896. Typically, July is the hottest month of the year where the temperature averages around 96 degrees. However, 2 years ago, during the month of August, the temperature hit triple digits for over 50 days. It would be an understatement to call those temperatures brutal, no words can begin to describe how miserable it was outside. So, of course. I spent most of that month indoors in the air conditioning and unfortunately, my utility bill reflected the increased usage. In fact, during that Summer, my energy bill went up by almost $30 per month because I was running my air conditioner so much. During Summer when the temperatures average around 96 degrees, I keep my thermostat set at 76 degrees. So, if the temperature outside increases to 110 degrees and I try to run my air conditioner at 76 degrees, then I will be consuming a lot more energy to try to keep my home comfortable. So, although I paid a lot more because I consumed more energy that Summer, I am glad that I have air conditioning because if I didn’t, I don’t know how I could’ve survived the Summer in Phoenix.



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I called a Jacksonville HVAC company for help

It was about 2:30 when the repairman arrived

I was gone and away from my house for a couple of days. My office had me go to a seminar and I was there for 3 days. After the seminar was over, I decided to visit with my mom and my sister. They were an hour drive from the place where the seminar was held. I was gone Wednesday through Sunday and I flew home on a red eye Sunday night. I barely remember walking in the front door. I was tired enough that I did not realize there was no AC in the house. I didn’t wake up until 10:00 in the morning. I didn’t have to go to work on monday. I plan to catch up on some work in my office at home. I woke up at 10:00 and I was covered in sweat. My entire bed was covered with a layer of water. I didn’t feel any AC coming out of the air vents. I checked the thermostat and I also checked the fuse box. After that I decided to call a local Jacksonville HVAC company for help. I have a Jacksonville HVAC company that I use when there are problems with the heat pump or the ac. I called them right away and they signed me up for a service call later that afternoon. It was about 2:30 when the repairman arrived. He quickly got to work on the problem and didn’t stop to talk to me until he knew exactly what was going on. After that, we discussed prices for the repair and the guy fixed the problem.


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I like to take the kids out for fun when it's hot

My sister and I took the kids to the McWane Science Center to watch an IMAX film.

The McWane Science Center is located in downtown Birmingham, about 30 minutes away from my house.

My sister and the kids came to my house first and then we all traveled in my minivan together to the science center. The kids watched an IMAX movie about sharks. The movie was in 3D and the sharks looked like they were going to come out of the screen and take a bite out of our arms and legs. The McWane Science Center is a super fun place for the kids. After we went to the IMAX show, we also went to see the touch tank which has small sharks and different species of rays. We spent all day in Birmingham having fun. I was ready to relax when we got home. Unfortunately, the air conditioning system and the house was not working and I had to call a repair service. It was about 85° inside of the house when the kids and I got home. My sister immediately took the kids and went home instead of staying for dinner and I called a Birmingham HVAC repair service. It was already 6:00 at night, but they had an available technician at 7:00 p.m. there was no extra cost for the night time repair. The Birmingham HVAC repair service found the problem with the air conditioner quickly. The evaporator coils were dirty and that was causing the system to work harder than it needed. The HVAC repair service suggested a full system tune up to get ready for the summer season.

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I got a job working at the pool

During the summer months, the temperatures in Phoenix can be extremely hot and dry.

The average summer temperatures are over 100° in June, July, and august.

It’s hard to stay cool during the summer, but the air conditioner in the house helps. A lot of people tend to stay indoors during the summer so they can be cooled by the artificial air conditioner. My mom and dad never leave the house because they hate the heat. I keep telling them to sell the family house to me and move somewhere colder. I am the type of person who prefers to be outside. I do not love the heat, so I like to be outdoors and by the water. I got a job working at the pool as soon as I could. There is a large community pool a few miles away from my house in the same Phoenix neighborhood. I applied for a job three summers in a row and I finally got hired. The job at the pool pays more than minimum wage and I get to work on my tan during the day. I have to watch out for kids in the pool and people that might not know how to swim, but it’s a pretty easy job. I had to swim really fast and pass with a time that was under 3 minutes. There were some people that were faster than me, but I finished with a time that was 10 seconds under 3 minutes. This summer when everyone is spending time at home in the air conditioning, I will be enjoying the Phoenix sun poolside.

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