Author: Joey

Sticking with medical marijuana card

When medicinal cannabis was first legalized in Illinois, I went through the process to get my medical marijuana card. It wasn’t overly difficult. I was able to make an appointment with a doctor online. At the appointment, I explained the reasons why I was interested in cannabis as a curative treatment. I suffer from social […]

I’m going to the Portland Rose Festival

I’m pretty excited to be traveling back to my hometown of Portland, Oregon this month to go to the Portland Rose Festival. Since I moved to the other side of the country about ten years ago, I haven’t been able to travel back home to attend the festival and I have really missed being a […]

Treating arthirits with tinctures and topicals

I began struggling with signs of arthritis in my early fifties. I’d notice that my fingers felt stiff in the early morning, end of the day or on especially chilly winter days. When my knuckles started to ache, I searched out home remedies. I learned that yellow raisins soaked in gin overnight work well to […]

Treating psoriasis with cannabis topicals

I developed psoriasis when I was in my late twenties. Initially, I thought I’d simply scraped my knees while I was gardening. When the redness didn’t disappear and actually spread, I got worried. When I was diagnosed with psoriasis, it was the first time I’d every heard of the condition. There is no known cause […]

I thought the repair guy was cute

My mom and dad went out of town for a couple of days and they left me in charge of the house. I was there all weekend, even if I only spent a couple of minutes at the physical address. I went out to a club on Friday night and I didn’t get home until […]

I did some free commercial repairs for the church pastor

My wife and I have attended the same church service since we got married. We started going to the Lansing community church shortly after our ceremony and we went to the Sunday service each week. Even after our children were born, my wife and I still continued to attend church services. We started missing a […]