Author: Joey

The lobby information talked about the story of cannabis

The history included information about cannabis in general in addition to the history of cannabis in Las Vegas It’s nice to go to Las Vegas, because the place has a lot of particular and interesting places to visit, then las Vegas has a high concentration of casinos, bars, shows and nightlife, and diners, i care […]

The bum was begging outside of the shop

This time he had a sign and claimed to be hungry I came back from a marijuana delivery and I noticed a bum begging outside of the shop. I went through the back door when I got to the dispensary. I went out to the front of the shop and I told the security guard […]

Providing Hillsboro with discrete HVAC service

The people of Hillsboro like quiet, discrete service, which is why I have such a good reputation around here There is no place in America quite like Oregon. I always think of Oregon as “the outcast state” and not in a bad way! This is the last frontier of the wild west, the only place […]

I cleaned and serviced the heating equipment

Ever since I bought a new furnace, I have been performing my own cleaning and maintenance service. I used to work as a certified heating and cooling technician in downtown Buffalo, when I was younger. I got hurt on the job and I had to quit. Since then, I haven’t really performed many repairs or […]

I came to Sioux Falls for the culture

The first time I ever experienced this city, it was for the first ever Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Festival, way back in the 1990s. I am sure you’ve heard of this amazing music festival before, which would bring in over 100,000 visitors every year. That was not the case for the first festival, of […]