The summers of Minneapolis are not very hot

Honestly out of all the places you can go to visit, it might be ideal to nix the whole state of MN, and it gets brutally freezing here, but our freezing season starts as early as the fall plus lingers well into Spring! My associate and I don’t really get blooming, Spring flowers or the changing leaves! Basically my buddy and I go from snow to slush.

Our Summer seasons are so mild in Minneapolis, MN that I don’t bother with cooling equipment.

Owning an air conditioning is about as pointless as owning a pony. It wouldn’t get used; What my buddy and I do is use box fans plus window cooling systems in order to combat the actual one month that is quite warm… The rest of the time the heating equipment is blasting. My associate and I use a boiler system in the basement that is hooked up to our baseboards. Baseboard heating throughout both stories of the condo keeps us warm. I have even contemplated getting the piping hooked up underneath the floorboards; After my buddy and I redo our flooring, my buddy and I will have hydronic heating there. That will make everything hot plus evenly heated; For now, it works. I look forward to Summer all year, no matter how brief. If it is not too hot I will take luck of the fact that I don’t need to use a system plus I will open the windows to let a fresh breeze in. I guess it is wonderful to air out the condo periodically. The summers can get into the low 78s periodically, but it isn’t often.


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