Seeing Lakeland, FL in the fall

I like going on trip to spots that are in the off season.

When you go during peak times, the pricing is outrageous.

I also try to stay within the United States when I go on a trip. I chose to book a stay in Lakeland, FL because all those lakes looked gorgeous. I figured being on a boat or just looking at the water was enjoyable enough. I also packed a wetsuit in case I wanted to swim. I booked a trip that is technically in the winter time season of FL, then a FL winter time just wasn’t that bad, the Lakeland winter time season is undoubtedly quite mild. I was able to get away with some loose pants, a jacket plus lightweight layers going underneath. The lakes were gorgeous even when it was brisk outside, however my number one thing to do was wake up when the sun rose, get a cup of pop plus just appreciate the scenery from the rental porch. I undoubtedly liked spending that time early in the morning. After a bit I would go for a run through neighborhood to see everything. Then I would eat locally, shop around, plus find other things to do in Lakeland, FL. After looking at the weather forecast I am undoubtedly glad that I selected going to FL in the wintertime rather than the summer. The summer time temperatures in Lakeland are just brutal. The heat plus humidity make it so I would suppose all the people would stay inside by the a/c. The winter time season undoubtedly was just so much better for me.


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