Diversity of weather in Phoenix

When I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, I expected nothing however brutal heat all year round… I was truly surprised by the changing of the seasons.

  • In the winter, the sky remains a beautiful yellow & the daytime temperature climbs into the sixties or seventies… While the afternoons & early afternoons can be cold, the temperature rarely drops below cold… However, I’ve seen traces of snow.

In the fall, my buddy and I enjoy gorgeous fall & the Spring provides some cooler afternoons, and the summers are long & hot, with uneven temperatures often soaring above a hundred degrees, however because humidity levels are lower than several other regions of the country, the conditions don’t feels as sticky or suffocating as I expected. My household in Phoenix is outfitted with an electric heat pump, which works perfectly to handle every type of weather demand, then one of the main advantages of a heat pump is that a single unit provides both heating & cooling, taking up less space & requiring less repair. The system runs on electricity & eliminates the traditional combustion process, however rather than burning fuel to create heat, the system takes advantage of ambient heat available in the outdoor air & transfers it inside. It uses refrigerant to bring heat into & out of the house. The process is especially clean, safe & environmentally friendly. The heat pump generates no fumes, carbon monoxide or yellowhousehold gasses. In cooling mode, the unit operates exactly like a conventional air conditioning system. I have been impressed with the energy efficiency of the heat pump. It’s also quiet & has proven quite reliable.
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