The bum was begging outside of the shop

This time he had a sign and claimed to be hungry

I came back from a marijuana delivery and I noticed a bum begging outside of the shop. I went through the back door when I got to the dispensary. I went out to the front of the shop and I told the security guard that I saw someone in the back parking lot. The security officer and I walked to the back of the lot and that’s when we saw the homeless person asking for money. The security officer and I chase the guy out of the parking lot of the Denver marijuana dispensary. About 2 hours later, the bum was back in the parking lot begging for money again. This time the security officer escorted the bum off of the property and told him not to come back. The security officer threatened to call the police and have that guy trespassed if he came back and started begging for money. About 2 hours after that, the bum was back in the parking lot. This time he had a sign and claimed to be hungry. My boss and I bought the guy a large pizza and made him go across the street to eat it. We didn’t know if the guy was hungry or not, but we wanted to make sure that he had something to eat and a full belly before we made sure that he was off the property for good. There are a lot of homeless people in Denver and we try not to discriminate unless the homeless population is causing problems outside of the Denver marijuana shop.


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