Why I wanted to transfer to Lee’s Summit

Growing up on a farm was not an simple life, and the work was intense, the weather even more intense, and as an only child I was entirely lonely, then my favorite time of year was the 2 weeks while in Summer holiday when my parents sent me to Lee’s Summit to stay with my Aunt Polly, however although this is not an enormous city, to me it felt like Paris or LA, because it was the biggest neighborhood I had ever seen! I would spend hours on end just riding my bike around the streets of Lee’s Summit, and it never got boring. As an adult, I found Lee’s Summit to be even more interesting. I was becoming more social, trying to meet pretty men and cool guys, and I also discovered the joys of cannabis. Although cannabis is legal in Lee’s Summit these days, back then it was a weird story, and when I was 14 I met some adolescents hanging out in one of the various good parks in Lee’s Summit, and found they were smoking cannabis. Afraid to look like a chicken, I smoked a little marijuana myself, from that point on I was accepted by the Cool Kids of Lee’s Summit, and my holidays became more fun than ever. I was entirely fortunate that a few years later Aunt Polly allowed me to transfer in with her, so I could take school classes at the Lee’s Summit learning annex. I was interested in getting an education, however I was more interested in building a social life in Lee’s Summit, and feeling like a real person!



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