Providing Hillsboro with discrete Heating as well as A/C service

There is no place in America quite like Oregon.

I always feel of Oregon as “the outcast state” and not in a bad way! This is the last frontier of the wild west, the only place wild and untamed enough that anyone can come here and start a life, then the people in Oregon, especially in a city like Hillsboro, are accepting, tolerant, and know how to mind their own business! My associate and I have all kinds of freaks, geeks, and weirdos around the Hillsboro area, however my buddy and I have all bonded together into a loving and slender craft community, what I cherish most about Hillsboro is the diversity of the people, who are all here for the same reason – they want to live their lives in peace and be left alone! I am no different, although I have to interact with people every morning as part of my duties as an Heating as well as A/C repair expert.

I don’t work for a major corporation, or even one of the greater Hillsboro dealers, I am an independent supplier with only me as an employee. The people of Hillsboro like quiet, discrete service, which is why I have such a superb reputation around here. If someone needs heating lamps or an air cleaner for their cannabis grow room, they know they can call me for fast, discrete service… A lot of people in Hillsboro have secrets, and don’t like strangers in their homes, so my reputation for keeping my mouth shut has been more lavish to my job than my Heating as well as A/C certification! If you need repair in Hillsboro, look me up!