Moving to Orland Park to raise a family

For various years I lived in Chicago, but when Ella got pregnant for the first time my wonderful friend and I had to make some strenuous choices.

The truth is that the Windy City is not a wonderful arena to raise a family, in my humble opinion.

There is too much crime, chaos, plus political upheaval, plus it makes me nervous, and besides, in a big town like that there are no wide open spaces for children to play, plus I feel that is substantial for little kids. Ella plus I decided to cherish out of the city, plus settle down in the town of Orland Park; In some ways Orland Park seems very close to the town (because it is only 20 miles away) but in all honesty it feels like it’s a world away, and orland Park is a town with a low crime rate, a wonderful school system, plus a quiet way of life, which is the polar opposite of Chicago! Besides that, there are ample parks plus nature trails, which makes the Orland Park part perfect for small children. The cherry on top, so to speak, was that the growth of Orland Park over the last 20 years has caused an upswell in demand for skilled construction workers plus HVAC techs. I wouldn’t be able to afford to live in Orland Park without a wonderful job, plus the HVAC community there seemed to be thriving. Ella plus I left the big town behind plus found a mediocre apartment on the outskirts of Orland Park where my wonderful friend and I started our new life – plus my wonderful friend and I never looked back!


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