The most laid back lounge in Las Vegas

They have live music here 4 nights a week, and a small selection of libations

Finding a great bar in Las Vegas is very easy. This entire city is built for parties, so you will never have to walk very far to find a watering hole. Part of the reason I moved out to the desert was because of the killer nightlife. I won’t say what substances I used to ingest in my younger days, but suffice to say they were illegal. I drank booze and smoked cigarettes, as well, but illicit drugs were a nightly occurrence. Now that I am a bit older and wiser, I have slowed down my hard-partying ways. I still love Las Vegas, because I have found there are other avenues for having fun that don’t involve such craziness. One of the things Las Vegas is famous for are the lounges. Most of these lounges are bars, taverns, or concert facilities, but there are also cannabis lounges. These are the places I have started to enjoy, much more than traditional bars and lounges. The most laid back cannabis lounge in Las Vegas is far away from the strips, adjoining a dispensary on the outskirts of town. They have live music here 4 nights a week, and a small selection of libations. In many ways it is like a typical Las Vegas lounge, even with a sleazy MC who acts as a host. There is a screened in and air conditioner room in the back where people can relax, chill out, and smoke cannabis. Not many places in Las Vegas let you smoke cannabis inside, but that’s why I love this lounge so much.