I went to Huguenot beach to get some sun

Huguenot Beach is one of my favorite locations to go in the whole city of Jacksonville, Florida.

  • You cannot Beach is the only location in the whole city where you can unquestionably drive your automobile on the beach… I wouldn’t recommend driving a small automobile down there, however any four-wheel drive truck can definitely take those sandals… My friends and I respectfully like to go to Huguenot Beach when the sun is shining and it is low tide.

Low tide is the best time to go to the beach because there is a lot more room to park your car. I like to pack up all of my things before my buddy and I go to the beach and it’s nice to know that I don’t have to carry everything a mile from the parking lot. Last Sunday my friends and I went to the beach and my buddy and I were there all day. My friend and I did not leave Jacksonville until the sun was starting to set. My roommate called me on the iphone and I thought that he was going to ask me to bring home food, so I did not answer the iphone. When I got home, I found out that he was calling because the AC unit was broken down, and he called the maintenance contractor to fix the complication with the AC unit, however they were unsuccessful; They had to call a Jacksonville a/c maintenance contractor the next day and my buddy and I were going to have to wait until the day before our a/c could be fixed, as soon as I heard the news, I decided to stay with a neighbor instead of going back to my location.


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