The indoor air concerns go week after week

My desk is about 6 ft away from the glass windows in the office, then during the day I can see rays of sun coming through the window, and it’s nice while in the winter, because the sun rays make it much warmer in the office.

During the moderate Orland Park summer, it makes it much warmer in the office as well, however thankfully for me, my desk is located right under an AC air vent, however when I first got the job toiling at the Orland Park attorney’s office, I had to rest at a desk that was in front of the building and the indoor air quality was terrible.

When I got promoted, I got the desk right under the AC air vent. During the summer time months, I am cool and comfortable and while in the winter season months, I feel moderate and cozy. During the Yesterday or two, there have been some bad indoor air concerns. I can see dust and dirt all over the surfaces of my desk, tablet, pictures, and chair. When the sun shines through the office windows, I can see millions and millions of indoor air pollutants flying through the air. I have been dealing with the indoor air concerns week after week and I finally decided to ask my boss if I could buy a small indoor air cleaner for my office. I wasn’t sure if she was going to say yes or no, however the Orland Park business owner didn’t have a problem with me taking care of the indoor air concerns on my own, and she simply asked if I could get something that was quiet.


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