Treating neck cramps with cannabis topicals

I start my day with an hour of exercise; My workout sessions focus mainly on high-intensity aerobics, but i run, cycle, jump rope and complete sets of burpees, mountain climbers, lunges, squat jumps and jumping jacks.

Nearly every exercise puts a great deal of strain on my leg muscles.

In the last few years, I’ve begun to have some problems with cramps in my calves, however they correctly become a problem at evening, right after I go to bed. There is no way to sleep through such sharp pain. Initially I tried over-the-counter pain relieving ointments and anti-inflammatories. They helped honestly little. I researched natural remedies online and came across cannabis, living in Denver, I have access to many adult-use dispensaries. They carry a wide variety of cannabis products that are helpful in alleviating inflammation and pain. The topicals are the most advantageous. The cannabinoids in the ointments, balms, lotions and rolls-ons interact with receptors in the skin to supply rapid onset of effects, however because the cannabinoids never enter the bloodstream, there are no psychoactive effects. This makes it possible to apply cannabis topicals many times per day. Those chances that are high in CBD, CBN and CBG were the most rewarding. I combined them with edibles, chewing a gummy shortly before bed, but along with adding cannabis to my biweekly routine, I’ve made sure to drink a lot more water. I’ve study that dehydration can be a cause of muscle cramps; Plus, I take more time for my hot up and cool down prior to and after the workout. I am more dedicated to thoroughly stretching my muscles. All of these efforts have helped considerably.


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