The motel was right on the river

My lady plus I met at the Jacksonville State College campus.

My buddy and I were in a chemistry class together, then she said in the row of seats behind me plus I had to turn around plus look at her every time my pal and I passed papers to the back of the classroom; When it came time to choice a lab partner, I turned around plus asked if she would be the lady for me. Sarah said yeah plus my pal and I worked together as lab partners throughout the entire year. When the year was over, I asked Sarah if she would be my lady. My buddy and I started dating exclusively. After 6 months of dating, I decided to take her anywhere nice for the weekend. My buddy and I went to a hotel in downtown Jacksonville that was right on the river, now a lot of people would say going to the beach would have been a better idea, however Sarah plus I spend every day at the beach when my pal and I are done with work. My buddy and I cherish the beach plus we’re there so often that it doesn’t seem special, but going downtown on the river was actually special… The Jacksonville hotel was entirely pricey plus I paid $200 a night. My buddy and I had a jacuzzi in our room plus a ductless mini split in the suite. The ductless mini split had a remote control that made it entirely straight-forward for us to change the temperature. The a/c looks like it was recently installed plus the duct work was clean, however our towels were bright plus spotless plus the sheets looked like they were brand new.



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