I like planning outdoor events during the Springtime in Phoenix

Now that Springtime is finally here, I can relax a bit plus prefer the gorgeous weather outside before the brutal heat of the Summer creeps in, however it’s so much easier to plan outings during this time of year because I am not upset about air conditioner… See, I live in Phoenix where the weather can really peak in the 3-digit range, so planning outings can be a bit tricky, then during the Summer, I plan all my entertainment based on whether the place has air conditioner or not, for instance, in the Summer, I will skip my number one hiking trail located at Piestewa Peak to go to a museum or a movie instead, and of course, it’s more thrilling being out in nature, but nature can be unforgiving.

So, it’s just better for me to wait until the Springtime to explore the park, but this means that during the Springtime, I get to take advantage of all the great outdoor attractions in Phoenix.

But in May, as soon as the weather begins to get warm, I will retreat indoors to climate controlled spaces. There is a method to my madness, plus it has worked for me over the years! Plus, it makes it easier to plan activities although the charming Springtime weather doesn’t last actually long before the heat from the Summer creeps in. Whether I am outside in a park or I am inside in a climate controlled space, I get to prefer all the best that Phoenix has to offer, and regardless of whether they’re indoor or outdoor, the town has some great attractions that are worth going to see.


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