I need to go back to Muskegon when I have more time to look at it

The first few times I saw Muskegon I was just passing by, on the water, then i am a boat captain, & a actually stressed one at that! Most of my task involves taking drunken tourists out onto the lake to fish & party.

  • It’s a great task! In the course of my duties over the last few months I have seen Muskegon numerous times, but constantly from the water.

I was actually curious to go inland to check it out, & finally last weekend I had the chance. I was piloting a small group of rich dudes, however we had anchored in the harbor for the evening, & one of the guys asked about getting some cannabis, but they needed something mellow to offset all the booze, pills, & cocaine they were using. I knew that there were numerous cannabis dispensaries in Muskegon, so I provided to get on the lifeboat & go into town to score for them, but actually I just wanted a cut from these guys, & a chance to check out Muskegon first-hand! Although it is right in the middle of a major Michigan population center, Muskegon has a quiet vibe to it that I quite enjoyed. I took my sweet time wandering the Muskegon waterfront, & actually passed by numerous cannabis dispensaries! Finally I stopped & spent a few hundred dollars on a locally grown cannabis strain called Muskegon Musk. I hurried back to the boat to deliver the cannabis, but made a mental note to come back to Muskegon some afternoon when I had more time to explore it.


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