Heating, Ventilation, and A/C doesn’t mean bathroom ventilation

My spouse and I have slowly renovated my Minneapolis home, but my friend and I started with the dining room and dining room floors.

My friend and I then painted all the walls, scrapped the ceilings and added new lights, i remodeled the master bathroom and the dining room a few years later. Now my associate and I have our main, family bathroom; When that is completed, the whole house has gotten a facelift within the first five years of living! Pretty neat right? My friend and I both are eager to get started so that my associate and I can relax in a renovated house, however the family bathroom hasn’t required too much work. The fixtures all get to stay where they are. I picked out a simple shower tile, a good tub and floor stone for the bathroom. I purchased a vanity that slipped right in and hired out the countertop replacement! One thing I did push for was bathroom ventilation. It was consistently annoying how steamy and sticky the air quality got. My a/c didn’t do a good task of filtering it out of the room either even though it is cold in Minnesota. The mirror fogged over and I got condensation on the glass. I figured since Heating, Ventilation, and A/C has ventilation in the tile, that I could just call the local dealership. I found out that ventilators and bathroom ventilation aren’t the same thing at all. In the end an electrician was the guy that did this replacement task. It felt odd having him drill a hole in the side of my house and work with filtered air. In my head that just seems truly Heating, Ventilation, and A/C oriented. Oh well, I am delighted that I have it now.



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