Solar panels might be the solution to high energy bill

A couple of years ago, we experienced one of the hottest months in Phoenix in modern times.

The temperature outside rose about 100 degrees for over 50 consecutive days.

Of course, when the weather is hot, it is safe to say that the air conditioner will be running close to 24/7. And in order to keep my home comfortable, I typically have the thermostat set at 72 degrees. So, it’s no surprise that I paid close to $300 each month to keep my home as comfortable as possible. The only saving grace was that during the Winter, my energy bill decreased to around $100 because we didn’t use the heat as much as we used the air conditioner that year. I have a 3-bedroom house and my energy bill is a lot lower than someone with a 5 or 6-bedroom house. Those homeowners probably paid close to $500 per month to run their air conditioning that year. With prices like this, it’s no wonder that more and more people are opting to switch to solar energy. Solar energy is being marketed as a better option and based on what I have read, it can remove the expense of the monthly energy bill. I am not yet sold on the idea of switching to solar energy, but if we continue to experience record breaking temperatures, I might have no choice but to make the switch. As long as the solar can power my air conditioner without any interruptions, it might just be my best option while living in Phoenix. The good news is, we get a lot of sunshine, so installing solar panels might just be the smart thing to do.

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