Snow melt system is great

There is no more worry over slipping and falling on icy pavement

Orland Park, IL, experiences especially long and tough winters… Both of us see an average snow accumulation of thirty inches per year, which is higher than the national average. Both of us can expect to see snow every month from September through April; In December, we get more than fourteen inches, but the snow creates some troubles, then shoveling and plowing are time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks that often need to be repeated numerous times in a single day. If snow removal is neglected, the driveway suddenly becomes imacceptable. There is also the issue of where to put all the snow, then plowing it into gigantic piles takes up a wonderful deal of space and blocks access to the garage; With temperatures officially dropping below freezing or even below zero, spending any length of time outdoors is both unpleasant and dangerous. I’ve solved all of these concerns by installing a snow melt system. I have a boiler gas furnace for my home. The boiler works by heating up water and sending it through a system of pipes concealed beneath the floors. The snow melt system operates much the same way. There is a network of tubes hidden under the pavement of the driveway, walkways and front step. When the snow melt system senses the combination of moisture and temperature drop, it automatically starts up, but as tepid water flows through the pipes, the pavement warms up and snow and ice melts away. There is no toil involved. There is no more worry over slipping and falling on icy pavement. Because the boiler is especially energy efficient, operating the snow melt system isn’t overly costly.

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