We took a helicopter out to the ski resort

During the weekends when I don’t have to be at work, my girlfriend and I usually do the same things.

Since we live in Las Vegas, we usually go to a casino or one of the local shows.

I work in Las Vegas as well and I know a lot of people in the business. We can go anywhere that we want and see a show for free. We’ve been everywhere once or twice. When we were going to celebrate our two year anniversary last weekend, I decided to do something fun and different. We left Las Vegas and took a helicopter out to a ski resort located a couple of hours from the city. Before we left Las Vegas, I went to the marijuana dispensary and picked out a couple of pre-rolled marijuana joints that I thought my girlfriend and I might enjoy. The helicopter driver let us smoke a marijuana joint while we were above the city and then we also smoked another marijuana joint as soon as we got to the ski resort. We spend all weekend on the slopes. It was one of the first times that my girlfriend ever went skiing. I didn’t mind staying on the easier terrain so my girlfriend could take her time. We had a wonderful time at the resort. We got a private room with our own wood burning fireplace. We had room service and champagne and strawberries. If I had picked out a ring, it would have been the perfect time to propose. I don’t know how I can outdo that amazing weekend.

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