The den has a new ductless heater

When my wife and I bought our house, it had three bedrooms and we had three kids.

We put both of the girls in one bedroom and our son had his own room.

He was older than the girls, so it made sense. When both of the girls were getting older, my son was still in high school. We had to figure out a way to add more space to the house. We turned the den into a bedroom. At the time, the only heat in the den was a small radiator on one side of the room. The radiator provided a small amount of heat, but it wasn’t going to make the room warm and cozy enough for someone to live in that space permanently. I contacted a heating company in Orland Park to see if they could give me some ideas about heating the space. One of the ideas that I really liked was a ductless heating system. The Orland Park service provider said that I could buy a system that had heat and air conditioning as well. I was sold when I found out that the ductless mini split system could provide both heat and air conditioning. That sounded perfect for the bedroom. It was more expensive to add the ductless mini split system then it would have been to get a small window unit, but the ductless system is much more advanced and state of the art. It will easily last 10 years or more and require very little maintenance. As long as we have yearly tune-ups, the ductless heating equipment should last a lifetime.

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