Making friends at the dispensary

When I first moved to Portland, I didn’t know a single person. I relocated from the opposite side of the country for the sake of a job opportunity. I was delighted by the significant increase in salary and the chance to experience a new area. My coworkers were not initially all that welcoming or friendly. Since I didn’t feel comfortable going to a bar all by myself, I had no idea how I’d ever make new friends. I became very lonely, slightly depressed and considered quitting my job and moving back home. What really turned things around for me was my visits to the local cannabis dispensary. The budtenders were all really welcoming, happy to chat and super knowledgeable. They not only provided recommendations for different consumption types and strains but suggested that I try out their vape lounge, dab bar and edibles cafe. I imagined myself sitting alone, smoking a vape or dabbing and feeling extremely uncomfortable and awkward. However, the moment I sat down in the vape lounge, several people started up conversation with me. Within ten minutes, I had three really amazing people joining me at my table. The same thing happened when I ventured into the dab bar. By the time I got around to the cafe, where I ordered a really tasty cookie and beverage, I was ready to be more outgoing. Through the dispensary, I’ve made some wonderful friendships. I’ve learned more about the city and found the courage to explore. I’ve now lived in Portland for almost four years, and I can’t imagine ever moving.

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