After the football injury, my life went downhill

I played university ball for the University of Denver for all more than three years of university, but during my junior year of university I was gave a opening to play for the Denver basketball team, however i turned down the offer so I could finish my senior year of university and to get a degree in sports management.

I played for approximately a single full season in the NBA for the Denver team and then I damaged my mcl, but after the basketball injury, my life went downhill.

I blamed for the injury. I was irritated that I decided to stay in university for a single more year. I was mad because I spent all of my money. I fell into a deep and dark depression. I did not leave my home for a week. I laid on the couch in order to take out from every restaurant that would give to me. I fell into the worst kind of depression and my sibling eventually came to visit from boston, then he was residing there with his partner. She called me about 10 times but I did not answer the phone. She stopped at the Denver marijuana dispensary and picked up some smokable flower, and my sibling told me that I needed to get out of the funk. She gave me the marijuana flower. It was a sativa called Blue dream. I took a couple of hits from the marijuana joint. I started coughing, but my sibling insisted that I needed to keep smoking more marijuana. After smoking the whole joint with my sibling, I suddenly felt ecstatic for the first time in a long time.

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