The local Seattle legend of the wendigo

In the annals of local lore and legend, the story of the Wendigo is one of the scariest.

  • This is a tale that dates back before Europeans came to this part of the country, and long before it was incorporated into the USA.

The Wendigo is a tall, thin creature, often depicted with antlers, that needs to eat humans. The story goes that if anyone ever tastes human flesh they will be consumed by evil and slowly transform into a Wendigo, forced to haunt the woods forever looking for sustenance. I am a college professor in Seattle who specializes in local legends and ancient lore. I have found the Seattle bay area to be filled with dozens of such amazing tales from the past. I have also found that Seattle offers the widest selection of cannabis strains that I have ever encountered in person. Some of these Seattle dispensaries are the size of a Walmart, and contain tens of thousands of cannabis products! I am a regular smoker, but I find that the wrong kind of cannabis will get in the way of my work. My passion is the lore and history of Seattle, so I need a cannabis strain that will help me focus, and not make me feel tired. Recently I gave my lecture about the Seattle legend of the wendigo, and one of my students said I should film it as a Youtube video. When I told the student that Seattle had a lot more fascinating legends to explore, he said I should start a whole Youtube channel.


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