Playing chess in Denver, Colorado

I have never taken chess very seriously, but have a natural talent for it.

People who play chess are usually very dour and thoughtful, not prone to conversation or jokes.

I have never fit in with other chess players. Unfortunately I have to spend a lot of time around them, because my natural skill for the game often places me in high-stakes matches and tournaments. If you are good enough at chess you can make a living at it. This is what brought me to Denver, Colorado, for the annual chess event called the national championships. The main reason I went wasn’t for chess at all, but because I had wanted to visit Denver for a long time. Where I live the political atmosphere is dominated by religious conservatives, so we don’t even have legal medical marijuana yet. I knew that Denver had legalized recreational cannabis, so I didn’t need a doctor’s note to get high. I signed up for the Denver chess tournament to have an excuse to explore Denver and sample some of its famous cannabis strains. Who cares if I won or lost, the trip to Denver itself was a big win for me. It turns out that I am a better chess player after I’ve smoked some cannabis. The Denver dispensaries are out of this world, and after a few hours of smoking cannabis, I actually did very well in the tournament. Best of all, I was able to purchase a large amount of cannabis from one of the Denver dispensaries and have it shipped back to my home.
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