I found the most delightful cannabis cafe in Portland

There are ten thousand food blogs on the internet, but none of them were quite like mine when I first started. The last time I checked Youtube there were fifty new channels and vlogs dealing with cannabis cooking, but I was the first! One of my reviews was actually printed in High Times Magazine, which is a pretty big deal. These days I stay on the road a lot, touring from city to city and soaking in the local culture while I sample the local cuisine. My speciality is writing about cannabis cafes, and my last stop was in Portland, Oregon. Although there is not a lot of history to the traditional cuisines of the Portland area, there is a ton of history about cannabis. Not to mention that Portland is a trendy, high-end city that attracts a lot of progressive young people, which means molecular gastronomy is very popular here. It seemed plausible that the best cannabis cafe in the world would be found in Portland… and indeed it was! I have visited no less than 40 different cannabis cafes across this great country, but the one I went to in Portland was definitely the best. The food was so tasty, I never realized how much cannabis and CBD had been infused into every dish. I was far too full and stoned to drive home, so I had an Uber drive me around the downtown Portland area for an hour while I sobered up. The entire experience of my time in Portland was remarkable, and I can’t wait to go back.

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