Hiding out from the police in Las Vegas for a few days

First of all, don’t think everything you read in the news, however yes it is tplot that there was a warrant out for my arrest, however no, it wasn’t because of anything scandalous or violent… I had committed some light fraud, in addition to bounced a few checks, however it wasn’t love I hurt anyone! Nonetheless, my name showed up in the newspaper as being “wanted” by the cops, in addition to my friends in addition to family all lost their minds.

I did what anyone would do in my situation – I packed a travel bag, cleared out my checking account, in addition to hit the road for Las Vegas.

If I was going to have to go to jail for a few weeks, then I wanted to go out with a bang, so what better location to do that than Las Vegas? I didn’t even bother checking into a hotel, I went right to the first Las Vegas cannabis dispensary I saw in addition to loaded up… From there I hit a liquor store, in addition to then made my way to one of the off-brand Las Vegas casinos! The Las Vegas Strip is the location with all the lights in addition to glitz, however for a severe gambler love me there are much better locations to play cards. Instead of renting a hotel room I rented a parking space, because I knew I wasn’t going to be getting much sleep while the people I was with and I were in Las Vegas. I lived in the casinos, burning through my cash hastily, in addition to popping out to the car to smoke cannabis in addition to have a drink every couple of hours… Eventually, I had to face the songs.
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