Do they have ganja in Muskegon?

I had been in jail for almost more than two years for possession of marijuana when the state passed laws to make marijuana legal.

Shortly after I was released, I couldn’t guess that the same thing I was in jail could be obtained & consumed in many sites in Muskegon… They had marijuana establishments, & I saw signs for a pot gathering.

I thought this was wrong, & I voiced our thoughts, then a friend of mine told myself and others I could check into the expungement law & see if I was eligible to have the marijuana charges taken off our record. This would not bring back the more than three years I spent in prison for the possession of marijuana & marijuana paraphernalia. I walked into the marijuana establishment & asked if I could have an application. When I was honorableabout the prison time & our marijuana charges, they didn’t say a word. The manager helped myself and others fill out the application & asked when I was going to file to have the charges expunged. We discussed all the modern laws, & he asked if I would take some classes. Although marijuana was legal in Muskegon, MI, there were laws that differed in other areas, however basically followed the same rules as all of Michigan. I was okay with learning about the laws had previously included imprisonment for myself and others & thoUSAnds of other people over the years. I wanted to suppose if most people had the right to look for expungement. Although he wasn’t sure of the exact law, I was going to find out. I had to learn all about marijuana laws for our job, & I was going to include rules of expungement.

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