My A/C did not want to function

I had to call an A/C service repair on Sunday, because the A/C in the office was not laboring respectfully, but i was in the office all afternoon trying to get the last of the yearly paperwork completed… My office is at the back of the building and I have a single ductless A/C component inside of the room… There is no other way to cool the air or have a breeze in the back of the building; Hardly any of my employees were out front laboring on fulfilling orders while in the back office getting the paperwork completed.

I was going to use a tax accountant to handle all of the paperwork, even though I have so much time at the end of the year that I thought I would handle it on my own.

When the A/C component broke down and stopped laboring, I knew that I had to call someone instantly. I contacted a Phoenix A/C service service. I have a service repair on auto dial on the iPhone in my office. The service repair is the same Phoenix corporation that installed the ductless A/C component last year. The owner of the corporation was ecstatic to schedule an appointment for service, although he did not have anything available for the same afternoon. He could get to myself and others on Sunday or Wednesday, but there were no other appointments available for Sunday, since I could not get the Phoenix A/C service repair to the building to service the machine, I decided to go apartment early. I did not want to waste any more time being hot and uncomfortable.

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