I enjoyed going ice skating in IL

At the time, our family owned about numerous hundred acres worth of farmland in the southeastern edge of IL, since then the land has been divided up and sold off in parcels, but at the time it was a substantial swath of corn and soybeans, then about 2 miles away from the farmhouse, through a long and winding trail through the crops, was a small pond, and during the summers both of us could fish or go swimming, and in the Winter both of us could set up the rickety old shack and go ice fishing… In this area of IL, ice fishing was an annual event. The two of us even had neighbors from other farms who came over to go ice fishing in our pond. If you have never experienced an IL winter, then consider yourself lucky. There were times when the snow was so thick on the ground, piled up several feet high, and both of us couldn’t even make it to the frozen pond! But when both of us could, it was an amazing time! Ice fishing in IL is a single of the best memories I have of being a teenager. The two of us would smuggle out a few cases of beer, and a few ounces of locally grown IL cannabis, and spend a few days in the fishing shack on the pond. If both of us caught any fish both of us would usually cook them up and eat them on the spot, because both of us had consumed too much carona and cannabis to safely get ourselves back home. Although it’s best to avoid Winter in IL, I highly propose trying out ice fishing there.


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