Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience

I am a huge chocolate lover.

I also really like going to cute little shops.

When my husband and I went to San Francisco for our one year anniversary, I organized a lot of fun things to do. My husband really wanted to look at Alcatraz. I wanted to do some shopping. I found that the Ghirardelli Chocolate Experience is right near there. We were able to buy chocolates and see Alcatraz from our table as we sipped hot chocolate. That worked for me. I really didn’t want to tour the area or take a boat to it. It was just as good seeing it from afar. I loved the chocolate store. I bought a bunch of different flavors and ended up binge eating them on the trip. I got really great hot chocolate and my husband got ice cream. We then walked around the area and found a lot of cute little shops too. The area was paved, well maintained and there was so much to do. What was really nice is that the two of us wanted to try recreational weed during our trip. On our walk we were able to find it easily. The weed shop was easy to spot and very clean inside. They just scanned our license and left us to shop around. I ended up picking up some oil that I could put in a drink to sleep better. My husband chose THC infused gummies. We both were really satisfied with all of our purchases. There was no worry on how to get the cannabis home either. We both used up our products immediately.


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