A fun reunion in Las Vegas

My bestie asked myself and others if I wanted to take a trip with her to her crucial family reunion… Of course I politely said no, what I was thinking was that I would rather get punched in the face than to spend a whole weekend with her family, however i love Max dearly, but she comes from a clan of lunatics, but then Max told myself and others the family reunion was being held in Las Vegas, NV, as well as I started to sing a unusual tune.

I have never been to Las Vegas before, but have constantly wanted to go.

I bit the bullet as well as agreed to join her for the family reunion; All of us rented a hotel suite just off the Las Vegas strip, which put us genuinely close to all the action. The rest of her family also rented rooms in the same hotel, as well as every one of us were all on the same floor. When I was around her family I smiled as well as was polite, but as soon as no a single was looking I escaped into the fantasy land that is Las Vegas. I wanted to go play some blackjack or roulette at a single of the casinos, but decided to check out a cannabis dispensary first. As silly as it may sound I had never been inside a legal cannabis dispensary before, Las Vegas was my first time! My bestie was blowing up my iphone with texts, but before I answered them I wandered the streets of Las Vegas for an hour, smoking cannabis oil from a vape pen as well as seeing the sights. The reunion itself was not as much fun as smoking cannabis.
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