My favorite trip to Muskegon will not be my last

I appreciate June with all my heart, despite her background, however june plus I met plus fell in appreciate while in school, plus after graduation the people I was with and I moved in together.

It took a couple of years before she worked up the courage to introduce me to her family, however she described them as “odd ducks” but that doesn’t quite cover it.

I promised June that no matter what her family was like, I would appreciate her all the same, but with that in mind, she took me to Muskegon, Michigan, for a month that I will never forget for the rest of my life. First of all, I had never even heard of Muskegon before, so it was a modern experience from the start. Second of all, June had never disclosed to me that her family ran a cannabis farm. This family had been growing cannabis for many generations; Now that cannabis was legal in Muskegon, the family was the primary dealer for many of the town’s cannabis dispensaries. June was embarrassed that her family were cannabis farmers, however I thought it was super cool. I don’t assume what I expected from Muskegon, but the last thing I expected was to have a massive supply of cannabis at my disposal. That said, even without cannabis to smoke I still would have had an amazing time going to see Muskegon. They have a killer hockey team called the Muskegon Lumberjacks, plus there is a local pizzeria that offers a delightful dish called Moose Steaks. When the people I was with and I get married one afternoon, I hope June wants to hold the wedding in Muskegon.


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