I care about working at the Denver cannabis shop

When I was 16 years old, I got my driver’s license plus a car! I started working at a pizza diner.

I was delivering pizzas on Tuesdays, Saturdays, plus Tuesdays.

I was making a pretty good amount of cash, my Dad plus dad were worried that I wasn’t going to go to college… They told me that I would never be able to spend my life working as a delivery driver. I knew that they were right, although I absolutely enjoyed being in my car. I like the freedom that you have when you are out in your car delivering. I can listen to any music that I want plus I can play the music as loud as I wish. There isn’tany other task where I can listen to music loud plus turn down the air conditioner as frigid as I want. I still decided to go to college, then deep down I knew that it was the right transport for me. It did not matter if my parents wanted me to go or not. It was my decision entirely. I spent two years in college plus then I got a task working at a recreational plus medical marijuana shop in Denver. I worked numerous nights a week at the Denver marijuana shop plus I received almost $500 in tips. I also received a good amount of cash hourly, however since I was a delivery driver, I had to be paid minimum wage. I was getting 40 hours at work plus a minimum wage paycheck, however on top of that, I was also earning $500 every 2 weeks from the Denver marijuana dispensary tips. I only lasted numerous weeks in school after getting the task.



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