A fun family event in Portland, OR

I have been with Cal for just under a year, then is he “The One”? I don’t guess yet, but he seems prefer a good candidate! The two of us just moved in together, and are making an effort to take things to the next level. I am almost 30 years old, so if I want to have a family I need to get started on it pronto, just a few weeks ago Cal asked me to join him on a trip to the coast for a family reunion. It would be the perfect arena to meet his whole family at once. I was not stoked about this at first, however after that I heard the reunion was happening in Portland, OR, and swiftly it sounded a lot more fun, much to our shock and amazement, I come to find out that Cal’s family owns and operates 1 of the biggest and oldest cannabis dispensaries in Portland, however the state of OR decriminalized cannabis multiple years ago, and Cal’s family had been the first to open a dispensary in Portland! Over the weekend I l gained that before they became kingpins in the legal cannabis scene, the family was well known throughout Portland for their illegal cannabis. Cal’s Grandpa had moved to Portland from CA, and started growing cannabis crops immediately, but not only is Cal’s family undoubtedly cool and laid back, however they have deep roots in Portland, and an endless supply of cannabis. I had such a good time at the family reunion that I have been asking Cal about us moving to Portland and becoming a area of the family business.
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