We were not far from the weed shop plus delivery service

My coworkers plus I went to Chicago, IL for a couple of afternoons, but we were there on business, but both of us played a couple of rounds of golf plus both of us made the choice to go sightseeing.

We were only there for the extra afternoons to make sure that things went smoothly, but our dealer was truly handled on the day of the minute day. After all of the paperwork was signed, our coworkers plus I decided to go to the bar in the hotel to get drunk, then it was only 11:00 a.m., but both of us deserved a round of drinks after closing that deal, the investors had frosty feet for 6 weeks plus they kept going back plus forth; Now that both of us finally had to check in our hands, I was ready to celebrate! My friends plus I went to the bar plus both of us also visited a recreational marijuana shop; Recreational marijuana is legal in the state of IL. Adults over the age of 21 can buy plus possess recreational marijuana products up to 30 grams of flower plus 5 grams of concentrate. We weren’t legitimately far from the marijuana shop plus delivery service, so both of us walked there after our supper. Inside of the venue were a variety of weird people including older folks, younger people, plus disabled people. The vibe was super chill plus relaxing, then everybody was smoking cannabis plus nobody was upset about getting caught by the police. I never saw anything prefer that before in our life. It was odd plus interesting to see IL residents enjoying the right to buy marijuana legally.


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