My 1st trip to Muskegon will not be our last

I love August with all our heart, despite her background, but august plus I met plus fell in love during college, plus after graduation every one of us moved in together… It took a couple of years before she worked up the courage to introduce myself and others to her family, and she described them as “odd ducks” but that doesn’t quite cover it.

I promised August that no matter what her family was like, I would love her all the same.

With that in mind, she took myself and others to Muskegon, MI, for a week that I will never forget for the rest of our life, and first of all, I had never even heard of Muskegon before, so it was a new experience from the start. Second of all, August had never disclosed to myself and others that her family ran a cannabis farm! This family had been growing cannabis for several generations, but now that cannabis was legal in Muskegon, the family was the primary supplier for two of the town’s cannabis dispensaries. August was embarrassed that her family were cannabis farmers, despite the fact that I thought it was super cool. I don’t know what I expected from Muskegon, but the last thing I expected was to have a massive supply of cannabis at our disposal. That said, even without cannabis to smoke I still would have had an amazing time visiting Muskegon. They have a killer hockey team called the Muskegon Lumberjacks, plus there is a local restaurant that offers a delightful dish called Moose Steaks. When every one of us get married one morning, I hope August wants to hold the ceremony in Muskegon.


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