Living in Muskegon for a year

Because of my job, I spent a year living in Muskegon Michigan.

  • It was difficult.

The winters seem endless. The temperature drops below freezing for more than six months. The conditions are freezing, snowy and windy. It’s mostly cloudy all year round. Even the summers are overcast and not overly hot. I rarely felt comfortable being outside. I didn’t know anyone in the city and was super bored. When I was looking for something I could do by myself without feeling awkward, I discovered that recreational weed is legal in Michigan. I got really excited about visiting a local dispensary in Muskegon. I had never lived in a state where I had the ability to purchase cannabis. In Muskegon, all I needed to do was show my identification to prove that I was over the age of twenty-one. I was amazed by the amenities and products provided by the dispensary. The shelves offered an abundance of glass jars filled with colorful dried flower. There were all sorts of different kinds of pre-rolled joints, blunts and cannagars made from full buds and sold in singles and packs. They were a really affordable way for me to try out new strains. I discovered that I really liked the convenience of vapes. The dispensary carried both refillable and disposable carts in all kinds of flavors and potency. All I needed to do was push a button and inhale. There was no smoke, ash or odors produced. Tinctures were another favorite of mine. The compact packaging fit into my pocket and the included dropper was handy for dosing. Whenever I’d brave the weather and go for a run, walk or hike, I’d bring along a tincture to help motivate, energize or relax me.

Marijuana Dispensary Muskegon Michigan