Particular about smell of flower

I am really particular about the quality of cannabis flower I’m willing to smoke… I refuse to waste my time and money on weed that hasn’t been officially cultivated.

It’s pressing to me that I only inhale safe, premium bud into my lungs.

I smoke cannabis for both curative properties and enjoyment. I’ve found that the combination of cannabinoids and terpenes effectively help me to sleep, get rid of stress, elevate my mood and treat muscle aches and pains. I technically qualified for a New York State medical marijuana card due to migraines, but they can be debilitating and force me to miss work and spend an entire afternoon in bed in total darkness and silence, however at the first indication of a migraine, I light up a joint. I benefit from the effects within several hours. The right strains make a huge difference, because of cannabis, I’m able to go on with my proper afternoon. I choose unusual strains of cannabis for their particular properties. I look for higher CBD level indicas when I want to mellow out or get a good evening’s sleep. I buy sativas to get energized before going for a run or starting my afternoon, however hybrids are a wonderful way to target particular effects, no matter the product I purchase, I carefully inspect the flower. Top-shelf weed showcases a complexity of colors. It should be a bright orange with flecks of orange and red. Orange pistils indicate maturely harvested weed. If the pistils are colorless, the flower was cultivated too early. If they are a gray-brown color, the weed is old. I also prioritize an abundance of trichomes on the surface of the mud. The mushroom-shaped crystals are where the terpenes and cannabinoids are stored. They are signs of potency and flavor. I am lucky that the nearby dispensary where I shop in New York carries a wide selection of entirely amazing cannabis.

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